Expansion after summer break for franchise theatre school network

Razzamataz Theatre Schools Ltd

New school openings, new Principals and new territories have been announced after a rejuvenating summer break. Razzamataz Theatre Schools are getting set to return and unveil its ambitious expansion plans, which include the opening of new territories in Manchester South and Dorchester, new Early Years classes at Brentwood and Bristol South and new Principals in Derby, Sutton Coldfield, Billericay and Chelmsford. The new appointments will further enhance the reach and impact of its performing arts education to young people throughout the UK.

To further support bringing performing arts education to as wide a remit as possible, Razzamataz offers a very generous 50% sibling discount across the 60 schools up and down the country. Founder and MD Denise Hutton-Gosney is excited to welcome back new and existing students of all ages and experience levels to participate in the unique curriculum designed to unlock creativity, build confidence and nurture the talents of every student.

“The expansion of Razzamataz reflects our commitment to empowering children and young people with the tools and knowledge they need to excel in performing arts as well as giving them the life skills they need to succeed in whatever area they choose to pursue,” says Denise. “As Principals and teachers, we are in the privileged position of witnessing the growth and success of our students as they embark on their creative journeys. Through our 50% sibling discount, we can reach many more young people and create opportunities for them to fulfil their ambitions, which is further supported by the scholarship and funding opportunities within each school.”

Razzamataz Theatre Schools was established in 2000 and each year builds upon its success for both students and franchisees. While many former students have gone on to work as professional performers, Principals have also gone on to win multiple awards within the franchise sector as well as building thriving and profitable businesses that work around their lifestyle and commitments.

With its proven franchise system, comprehensive support and dedication to nurturing Principals, Razzamataz has created many successful entrepreneurs who have brought the well-regarded Razzamataz brand to their local communities.

“Franchisees come from a wide range of backgrounds, all sharing a passion for performing arts,” adds Denise. “Regardless of experience, we have proven that our franchise system, comprehensive training and regular support enables people to open a theatre school that offers students exceptional training and a range of incredible opportunities within the wonderful world of performing arts.”


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