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With close to 15 years’ experience as both franchisor, franchisee, and the head of successful marketing agency Local Fame, Dani Peleva introduces Franchise Fame. A book set to redefine franchise marketing for franchisors across the globe.

After leading the branding and marketing teams at Fantastic Services and helping the business to become the behemoth brand of today, Dani invested in her own franchise in 2012. It was a period in which she gained and new and far deeper level of understanding about the challenges faced by both sides. Ever the entrepreneur, she used her income to pay for a master’s degree, before selling her profitable franchise and launching Local Fame – a marketing agency built to solve the fundamental problems faced by franchisors and franchisees alike. Since 2014, Local Fame has supported UK and international franchise brands to dominate their digital marketing space.

Now, Dani has combined her all-encompassing knowledge with her mission to empower franchisors into the new ‘must have’ franchising title: Franchise Fame. The book follows Dani’s trademark ‘Five Fs of Franchise Marketing’ and takes readers on an interactive journey with supporting materials, exercises and checklists to ensure this vital learning is fully embedded. Real-life case studies give context and offer confidence that not only to these principles work, but they also form the basis for soaring success.

A particular bugbear for Dani is the fact that franchisors are bombarded with marketing information and guidance that focusses on lead generation, franchise sales and franchisee operations. And that very rarely, is any of that advice offered through the lens of management. She believes it is vital that brands look at how to manage all key shareholders in parallel for sustainable growth. “And that’s exactly what Franchise Fame does,” says Dani. “It’s time franchisors and their teams had better help.”

Dani’s inbuilt passion for franchising and desire to help franchisors succeed is fuelled, in no small way, by personal childhood experience. Her parents, both teachers, had tried to start their own company. Unfortunately, due to a lack of business acumen or any support, the venture closed after just a couple of years. The result was a young Dani, just 8 years of age, caring for her younger sibling whilst her parents worked two jobs to make ends meet.

“It was a great business with a great product, and they put all their hearts into it. Looking back, they didn’t have the knowledge on how to take a product to market or any business experience. In hindsight had they had the support that a franchise provides, they would have succeeded. I couldn’t help back then, I can now.”

Franchise Fame is available from 25th of May. You can get your hands on a copy through major booksellers including Waterstones, Barnes & Noble and Amazon. For a limited time, snap up the Kindle version for just £0.99. Pre-order here:


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