Franchise recognised by The Leaders Council of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

The Alternative Board

The Alternative Board (TAB) has been recognised by The Leaders Council of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Chaired by former Home Secretary and Education Secretary, Lord Blunkett, The Leaders Council brings together the most influential figures from across the country.  These are the people who take risks, create jobs and empower colleagues.

ED Reid MD of The Alternative Board (TAB) – the world’s largest SME peer-to-peer supporting and business coaching franchise – was invited by The Leaders Council to be interviewed for its popular podcast.

Speaking about the podcast Lord Blunkett commented: “If you want to learn about an industry, listen to the leaders who live and breathe it. These conversations are critical for understanding how this country works.”

Ed was interviewed for the podcast by host Scott Challinor.  Recognising the unique role TAB plays within the franchise and SME community, Scott opened by highlighting how SME owners are “the unsung heroes of the UK economy and it is difficult for them to access help and support.”

During the 20-minute podcast, Ed provides The Leaders Council with a fantastic insight into the TAB franchise, beginning with an overview of the company’s purpose:

“We exist to support leaders of SMEs. We recognise that running your own business can be a really lonely place.  It’s often difficult to reach out for support because you feel you ought to know all the answers because it is your own business.  The reality is you can’t expect to know all the answers; no one can.”

Scott Challinor goes on to ask Ed a series of questions about leadership and the role it has played in his career to date.  It’s a fascinating insight into TAB, franchising and Ed’s personal career journey:

“Hosting a show like this, where you speak to genuine leaders who have been there and done it, either on a national stage or within a crucial industry sector, is an absolute honour.” – concluded Scott.

You can listen to the podcast in full here:

TAB is a membership model where members, who are owners of private businesses, pay a monthly investment for business advisory and coaching services.  TAB franchisees nurture the growth of local businesses, deriving immense satisfaction by facilitating positive changes in the lives of local business owners.     

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