Fred’s Story Of Success Through A GreenMachine Platinum Franchise Membership

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Fred Kisara, now a Director at Green Machine, embarked on a remarkable journey from
becoming a Platinum Franchise Member and is now a Regional Manager (in nthe North London
area) and Director. This transformation showcases the opportunities and benefits that come with
Green Machine’s Platinum Franchise Membership. Let’s delve into Fred’s journey, the essence
of Platinum Franchise Membership, and the expansive cleaning services he now offers in North
London from his commercial cleaning franchise.

Fred’s Expertise and Role Expansion
In Fred Kisara’s journey with his extensive experience and dedication, he focused on
understanding clients’ unique needs and delivering impeccable cleaning solutions. This
experience proved pivotal in his transition to becoming a Platinum Franchise Member.

Offering Commercial Cleaning Services Across North London
Under Fred’s leadership, Green Machine now offers an array of comprehensive cleaning
services across North London through his cleaning franchise. The areas covered include
Hackney, Islington, Camden, Barnet, Haringey, and Enfield. This expansion brings Green
Machine’s top-notch office deep cleaning services to a wider range of businesses, ensuring their
workspaces are clean, safe, and conducive to productivity.

Diverse Sectors Served
Fred’s cleaning franchise spans across various sectors, catering to the distinct cleaning
requirements of each. The sectors served by Green Machine’s commercial cleaning services

  1. Office: Transforming office spaces into pristine environments that enhance employee
    well-being and performance.
  2. Commercial: Ensuring commercial establishments maintain impeccable hygiene
    standards to create positive impressions.
  3. Healthcare: Implementing stringent cleaning protocols to ensure the safety and
    well-being of patients, staff, and visitors.
  4. Education: Creating clean and sanitary learning environments for students and
    educators alike.
  5. Industry: Supporting industries with specialized cleaning services that adhere to
    industry-specific standards.
  6. Retail: Presenting clean and inviting retail spaces that attract customers and drive
  7. Specialist: Catering to unique cleaning needs that require specialized expertise.
  8. COVID-19: Implementing thorough disinfection and sanitization protocols to combat the

Platinum Franchise Membership: A Game-Changing Opportunity
Green Machine’s Platinum Franchise Membership is designed to empower individuals like Fred
to achieve remarkable business success. This membership offers a range of benefits that are
tailored to set franchisees on a path to prosperity:

  1. Guaranteed Turnover: Within 12 months, Platinum Franchise Members are assured of
    a minimum turnover of £250,000.
  2. Initial Support: Franchisees receive extensive support, including telesales launch,
    business development, Google AdWord campaign, and webpage launch.
  3. Territory & Training: Franchisees enjoy exclusive territorial rights and comprehensive
    training to excel in their operations.
  4. Optional Extras: Additional benefits like IT equipment and signage & branding are
    available for further business enhancement.
  5. Funding Assistance: Green Machine assists in connecting franchisees with funding
    options, facilitating a smoother startup journey.
  6. Working Capital: With an estimated working capital requirement of £50,000 to £60,000,
    franchisees are well-equipped to kickstart their business.

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