From Woking to Wiesbaden – Stagecoach Germany ‘In the Spotlight’

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Stagecoach Performing Arts has been back on the road, visiting its network of valued franchisees. Travelling from the Head Office in Woking, UK to Wiesbaden, Germany, it was time for the team to meet up with and celebrate franchisees new and old.

By travelling to Wiesbaden, the support team – Ross Millington, Head of Global Franchise Development, Jayne Middleton, Head of Global Franchise Operations & Recruitment and Tina Byatt, Regional Franchise Manager – were able to meet German franchisees in person.

“Face-to-face touchpoints are important to us,” said Ross. Throughout the pandemic, we met virtually, but the connection you have with franchisees when sharing best practices in the same room makes trips like these so special.”

This trip aimed to put German franchisees ‘In the Spotlight’ – the new format for Stagecoach’s regional meetings. These events are designed to allow franchisees to come together and share their knowledge, celebrate their successes and network amongst their peers.

“The basis of the meeting was to quite simply put our franchisees in the spotlight and provide them with the opportunity to talk about the successes and challenges within their businesses and collectively celebrate or come up with solutions,” explained Ross. “It isn’t just the franchisor talking at franchisees during our meetings. We are a collective, which fuels our creative, collaborative group discussions. We also introduced a suggestion box where franchisees could submit ideas they’d like us to consider. Overall, it was a day to be open.”

Following a recent trip for an ‘In the Spotlight’ meeting 12,000 miles away in Canada, this German trip was indicative of the support team’s continued commitment to celebrating their franchisees near and far, and the work they have achieved in the past year.

“We dedicated a large part of the meeting to acknowledge the hard work of our franchisees. We put together a video montage of the highlights within the network from the past year, including performances and shows, testimonials from students and parents, new school openings, fundraising initiatives and celebrating some of our franchisees’ efforts to run eco-friendly businesses. It’s incredibly important for us that these things are recognised. We were able to take them out for dinner and truly celebrate them.”

During the trip, Ross and the support team made time to visit German franchisee Jessica Klauß, at her school in Hanau. Here, the team saw first-hand how much the students enjoy the singing, acting and dancing classes that enable them to explore their creativity and develop self-confidence.

“Our ‘In the Spotlight’ meeting also focused on the four pillars of The Stagecoach Way – an initiative launched at this year’s conference which aims to support, nurture and sustain Stagecoach’s special and unique environment. It ensures all students, no matter their age, gender, location or own set of circumstances, receive the same experience,” explained Ross. “When we visited Jessica’s school in Hanau, it was a prime opportunity to see The Stagecoach Way in action. It demonstrated that no matter where you are in the world or what language you speak, the essence of The Stagecoach Way runs throughout our whole international network. It’s not just about gaining performing arts skills. It’s about coming together and learning new things – something that Jessica’s students completely encapsulated.”

The support team is already looking forward to continuing to shine the spotlight on its franchisees. “We are already committed to doing another ‘In the Spotlight’ in Canada and another in Germany next year,” said Ross. “In addition to any other face-to-face teacher training and conferences we have in the UK and beyond.”

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