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Hub Care Support

We’re very happy to say that all the new Hub Care Support franchisees who joined us in September, Bukky Ajibola in Milton Keynes, and Roger & Joyce Smith on the East Anglia Coast, have reported a fantastic start to their new businesses.

The Hub Care Support franchise is already performing exceptionally well, but I’ve known a lot of franchisees over the years and I have noticed a pattern among the top performers:

I don’t necessarily mean that they are super-organised individuals, though that helps a great deal. Not all of us have that strength, and usually it is our skill and passion in other areas that inspires us to open our own business. What I’m really talking about is the systems and processes they have in place, and this is where Hub Care Support really shines.

Hub Care Support can support you with an incredible in-house system designed to help you succeed

Just as Hub Care Support offers a totally unique business model, they also share bespoke IT system with all of their franchise partners. Based on their 10+ years’ experience of operating their model, the team’s system complete streamlines every aspect of the business, including:

  • Recruitment of Personal Assistants (PAs)
  • Profile building and matching to Service Users
  • End-to-end task management
  • Scheduling & Compliance procedures
  • Monitoring & Reporting

What used to take half a day of admin time can now be completed in just a few minutes. The system is so efficient, within the founding branch they haves been able to halve the number of staff they need to carry out essential operations from when they first started.  A truly tried and tested system.

This is absolute gold dust to any business owner, but especially to Hub Care Support franchisees who can focus more time on the most important aspects of their business while still keeping their overheads down. With this cloud based system, there’s no need for expensive premises or contracted office staff at the start-up phase while they grow their business.

Believe me, once you start getting the 80-100 referrals per month an established Hub Care franchise can expect, you’ll need all the help you can get and want to expand the team!

Here’s what the new franchisees had to say about the system:

The IT system is fantastic. I couldn’t have done this on my own otherwise, and it is the major reason I chose to work with Hub Care Support. – Bukky, Milton Keynes

“It’s a really clever setup and does so much for you. Having everything there – all the templates, forms, and info – is perfect.” – Roger & Joyce, East Anglia Coast

Ready to find out more about how a Hub Care Support franchise sets you up for success?

Get in touch with us today. There’s no pressured sales talk, it’s just an opportunity for a friendly chat where you can ask some questions, and we can both find out more about you and your ambitions to see if a Hub Care Support franchise might work for you.

Meet our franchisees – Bukky Ajibola, Milton Keynes & Bedfordshire

Ready to work for yourself and make a real difference, but finding something’s missing from all the opportunities out there? The Hub Care Support franchise could be the answer!

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