Happy birthday to Domestic Angels

Domestic Angels

Samantha Acton shares a few words following the 21st birthday of Domestic Angels.

At 11.10am on 11th April 2023  Domestic Angels – Network of family owned cleaning businesses turned 21 years of age.

I never set out to be in business let alone to be in business 21 years later so how the hell does this happen?

Fairly simple really. A value I have recently been reunited with.


Employment prior to 21 years ago wasn’t bringing me joy, so I changed it.

Each stage of evolution of the business can be directly related to me asking myself, is this bringing me joy?

Currently I am in my favourite business place of joy so far where the processes, policies, experience and all of my other accumulated business bells and whistles bring joy to the lives of my franchisees, their staff and clients.

How fantastic is that?

Long may this joy last and be the gift of joy that keeps on giving to everyone in the Domestic Angels family and those connected to us.

Happy 21st Business Birthday to Domestic Angels !!!

When will your 1st business birthday be?

Sam, founder of Domestic Angels

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