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Hello, My Name is Julie and I run Fitter Body Ladies Wellingborough & Kettering.

My Fitter Body Ladies journey began in February 2015 when I originally joined FBL on a 6-week introduction programme to lose some weight & get fitter.  I just felt in the first week it was going to be different. Immediately I walked in the door I felt comfortable, no men, no mirrors, just lots of ladies of similar age with similar goals.

By week 4 I felt fitter and I was hooked.  After being extremely successful on that programme I joined from mid-April as a monthly member and my success continued over the next 12 months to reach all my health & fitness goals dropping 14% body fat & 3.5 stone.

A year later, I decided I would love to inspire ladies as I was inspired to feel great about themselves just as I did,  and I trained as an Instructor and began working for Alex & Rick at Fitter Body Ladies Northampton as an administrator and supporting Kristian Northampton’s Head Coach in running sessions. 

After 2.5 years and as Fitter Body ladies began their franchising Journey I decided that after my own success at losing weight and getting healthier and also playing a part in the amazing achievements of the ladies in Northampton and witnessing the success and growth of Fitter Body Ladies Northampton I decided that I was interested in opening my own Fitter Body Ladies Franchise

I secured a location in Wellingborough and opened in October 2018.  We now have a thriving business with 200 Members. 2 years later and during the Pandemic I secured my second location in Kettering which after an uncertain start due to the pandemic is now growing month on month.

I think as a business owner it is super important to work closely with the network to share information and knowledge as well as listen to your customers and always look for ways to improve the customer experience and satisfaction so that they feel a part of the Fitter Body ladies Community.

I have learnt along the way that ensuring you recruit great staff who share your passion and drive is one of the most important parts of running a business.

I now have 2 fabulous Fitter Body Ladies Locations and we operate over 50 classes a week across the 2 locations with over 300 members with amazing communities in both locations.

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