How the right technology can transform your business, by Melanie Martin, InXpress Global Head of Marketing

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Looking to start a business which will give you an edge in these uncertain times? The InXpress franchise, and its revolutionary software platform, can give you what you need to excel as a market leader.

Do you have any career plans for the New Year? Thinking of starting a new business for yourself? If so, why not discover more about the opportunity an InXpress franchise offers you, and the ability to make technology work for you.

Despite all the uncertainties in the economy, our franchisees are reporting excellent results this year. With so many businesses shifting to online delivery services since the pandemic, cost-effective and efficient shipping has never been in higher demand. In fact, our stats show a parcel is sent through InXpress every 4 seconds! Imagine what this could do for your own InXpress franchise.

However, we’re never ones to rest on our laurels. We want the service our franchisees offer to continue to be the best in the world, and we’re committed to supporting them to do so, with constant innovation and improvement. Which is why we have gone all out to develop a market leading software package which combines both customer and franchisee tech platforms. This gives you a ground-breaking tool, which is already helping to take other InXpress franchisees to the next level.

Our 440-strong network’s success has always come from our interconnected, global network of world-class partners and carriers who provide an unbeatable service to customers. Co-ordinating such a large network is a logistical challenge in itself, and we’ve always relied on technological solutions to make it work effectively. Our 23+ years of experience and insight enabled us to create the webship+ platform, which is completely revolutionising how our customers, and our franchisees, interact with the vast range of services InXpress offers.

It’s designed to be a fully integrated one-stop shop; easily accessible and user-friendly for anyone who uses it, from our most experienced franchise partners to their newest customers. webship+ helps InXpress customers save hours on their shipping, and empowers franchisees by providing insight into their business performance with:

  • Order management & tracking, including repeat and bulk orders
  • Quick quotes and price comparisons of a variety of services
  • Tailoring of multiple delivery solutions with easy scalability
  • Streamlined generation of reports and invoices
  • Regular updates and upgrades

Of course, we’re just scratching the surface! Our technology is all about giving customers exactly what they need, and allowing them to control their interaction with us in a manageable way. Likewise, by integrating all of these systems, franchisees can also monitor their performance and quickly adapt to the changing needs of all their clients. It’s an invaluable tool, especially for new InXpress franchise owners, allowing you to access advanced systems and quickly get-up-to-speed on running your new business.

Like any tool, however, we fully appreciate webship+ is only as effective as the hand using it. InXpress may excel in the tech sphere, but this is only one side of the equation, when it comes to our partners’ success. The training we deliver to help you use it, and to confidently show your customers how to use it, will make you look like a tech-expert.

Also at the heart of what sets InXpress apart is our focus on customer service. webship+ allows us to deliver on our promises in a unique way. We have a reputation for always going the extra mile on our customers’ behalf, keeping them coming back for more, because they know they can trust and collaborate with us; invaluable in today’s climate!

[Use the 4.2 rating badge/image from Trustpilot]

By supporting our customers ,and working together, we create a better, more stable future for everyone. And our customer feedback through TrustPilot speaks for itself:

  • “InXpress Leicester never fails to deliver! The website is very self-explanatory and designed in a way that makes the whole shipping process very easy to navigate, even to people that are new to the world of logistics like myself.”
  • “In 2021, we changed to InXpress Preston to handle all of our outbound delivery services. Time and time again, they have proven to be the most professional and supportive courier service we’ve ever worked with.”
  • “I cannot speak highly enough of the service I’ve received, and would recommend new businesses, or businesses looking for a change because of current spiralling costs and service levels, to contact InXpress.”

So, are you ready to take control of 2023, and build your own rewarding business powered by industry leading technology? If so, contact us today to find out more!

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