InXpress Gives Back is on a mission: to change lives for the better!

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2023 is already shaping up to be another fantastic year for our network, and our franchisees are pulling out all the stops to raise money so they can maximise giving back to their communities.

When you’re considering your future, and look at the InXpress franchise, what are the biggest things you notice?

Probably, some of your biggest take-aways will be around how well the business model works, and how we can help you to build your own successful and profitable shipping and logistics company. However, we also hope you have noticed something more about us: the level of support we give to our franchisees, as we invest in them with everything from fantastic training through to our annual conference and mentoring.

The upshot of this, is having the freedom to make a difference through your business. Our InXpress Gives Back initiative is so central to our values and mission as a franchise, it’s at the core of the very fabric of the business you’ll build. Like all our franchisee partners, you’ll be inspired to have a positive influence in their local communities, recommend someone who needs a hand-up in life, to whom we can offer support – as we have done for people like Stefan and his daughter.

If you’re a regular visitor to our blogs, you’ll have seen what InXpress Gives Back has been up to lately; it’s certainly has been a busy time for us. But we’re doubling-down on our efforts to make a difference to those who need it most, and have been reaching out to all our franchisees to bring to our attention causes close to their hearts. Which is why we’re pleased to announce a whole range of new initiatives which we’re on a mission to support.

And although InXpress Gives Back can make life-changing donations to various charities, our franchisees are often the real heroes, donating their time, their energy and their personal finances to make a difference.

  1. Stuart Vant, from InXpress Saffron Walden, is a huge supporter of Enterprise East, a charity dedicated to empowering adults who face barriers to employment, through their inclusion & thrive programme. We recently donated £2k, to fund a special outing to the theatre for those who involved in the programme: Life isn’t all work!
  • Sarah de Vial, from our Head Office Support Team, set-up a charity with her family: Rossdale Special Ski Club. Inspired by her brother, the Club was founded in 2011 to give him, and other young people with Learning Disabilities, an opportunity to learn to ski, so they can compete locally, nationally, and internationally. When it started the club had 8 skiers and 2 coaches, now they have 30 skiers and 10 coaches. We’re hoping our £500 donation will help them inspire even more young people.
  • Melanie Martin, InXpress’ Global Head of Marketing, recently undertook a sponsored hike to complete 115km of the famous Camino de Santiago Trail in Spain. Mel set had a target to raise £250, but smashed it, thanks to £1,000 from InXpress Gives Back and was able to donate £1,400 to her chosen charity, Many Tears Animal Rescue. This will support them as they rescue around 3,000 dogs a year and find forever homes for them.
  • Samantha Keiley, InXpress Accounts Assistant, is a voluntary swimming coach with Whitworth Swimming Club, whose main objective is to ensure local children can swim. They also teach lifesaving skills, play water polo, and dabble with synchronised swimming and underwater hockey.  The club took a hit during Covid, losing staff, members, and funding. The £500 donation from InXpress Gives Back will enable the club to buy essential equipment and enable teachers to keep their STA membership and life-saving qualifications up-to-date.

What could you do?

We hope you’ve been as inspired by these stories as we have. An InXpress franchise is not just about making a better life for you and your family, it’s about feeling empowered to make a better world for everyone. Do you want to be a part of it? Contact us to find out more.  

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