InXpress Shortlisted for a Global Franchise Award

InXpress Ltd

For the third consecutive year, InXpress has shown themselves to be world-class after being announced as a finalist for this year’s White Collar Franchise Award – a title they won in 2021!

When it comes to being a Global Brand, standing out from the competition becomes more of a challenge! So, for InXpress to once again be announced as one of the finalists for White Collar Franchise Of The Year, 2023, for the third consecutive year, is no mean feat!

The Global Franchise Awards represents “the most prestigious awards in franchising”, as franchises with a global presence are judged by an elite panel of franchising associations and governing bodies from around the world, including the bfa’s Pip Wilkins. Like other finalists, InXpress are being judged according to the following standards:

  1. The franchise has truly global intentions. 
  2. There is a great relationship established between franchisor and franchisee, which comes from the level of communication between Head Office and the whole network. 
  3. The franchise has an innovative marketing and promotions plan. 
  4. The brand has advanced the cause of international franchising.

InXpress is an international franchise, successfully operating in 14 countries. They offer their franchise network the security of a shipping and logistics business model which works, no matter where they’re based. It’s why we have 450 franchisees who are building businesses in spite of the difficulties of the last year, with Brexit and the economic challenges as fuel and prices increased. None of this phased our network, who continue to work hard to deliver an exceptional service, delivering on the promises they make to their customers. InXpress franchisees succeed because the support they receive from the franchisor gives them confidence in approaching new customers, whilst retaining current ones.

Winners of the Global Franchise Awards 2023 are set to be announced at the end of February, in Las Vegas, as part of the IFA Annual Convention. InXpress representatives will be there hoping they come home with the award, again, this year!

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InXpress Ltd

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