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After two years of postponed and cancelled shows, OSCAR franchisees are out and about doing what they love most – meeting new customers and their pets!

From large country shows to small local events, such as dog shows, fetes and farmers’ markets, franchisees are enjoying the freedom to showcase a wide range of products and nutritional expertise.

With our signature Honest Label declaring every, single, ingredient by % to our FREE Helpline offering outstanding pet care and behavioural advice we are committed to helping customers choose good quality pet food.

Many new pet owners are uncertain of what to feed their pet, especially when facing a cost-of-living crisis, so social events give OSCAR Nutritional Advisors a platform to promote key features and benefits of feeding an OSCAR diet – including calculated feed rates which maximise pet welfare and help customers budget with confidence. 

Shows are always a valuable form of advertising and an inspiring way to generate new customers – there are lots of pets out there just waiting for OSCAR.

Nigel & Berni Woodall – OSCAR Pet Foods Knutsford

“We both love the customer interaction but adding pets into the equation enables us to expand on our genuine interest in the well-being of animals. Working as a team has helped us to divide our attention in different directions, ensuring that each customer is cared for personally.

“Our motto for expansion is ‘be seen’! Getting out and about and being noticed is so important for customer development. Weekly visits to the park, local shows and regular monthly markets (where customers are waiting for us), are of great value to our business. Pub dog shows and pet parties have become social events that always bring in new customers.”

With over 17 million UK households enjoying the benefits of owning a pet there has never been a better time to step into the pet industry.

If you are interested in working with pets and business opportunities with OSCAR, why not contact us for more information on Freephone 0800 195 8000 or visit

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