Leading business expert releases first book which reveals how to overcome the challenges of achieving seven-figure business success


Leading business expert and founder of BizSmart®, Kevin Brent, is celebrating the release of his first book which reveals how to overcome the challenges of achieving seven-figure business success.

Available to pre-order from Amazon prior to release on 21st April, the informative and practical book titled ‘The Entrepreneurial Scale Up System’ delves into the key reasons why most organisations do not scale, and details a practical step-by-step guide for business owner-managers to successfully navigate the challenges they face.

Drawing on BizSmart®’s own unique research and experiences of working with hundreds of business owners, the book also explores:

  • What it takes to build a more valuable business
  • How to become a more effective and confident leader
  • Ways to rediscover business passion and be inspired to aim higher
  • How to harness the power of your people and gain more control over your business
  • How to increase the productivity and profitability of your business

Kevin Brent, author and founder of BizSmart®, said: “I am extremely proud to finally release my first book, Entrepreneurial Scale Up System. The book combines mine and my team’s experiences in working with hundreds of business owners, and our own research with what we consider to be relevant best-in-class impactful concepts, tools and methodologies from others.

“My aim was to bring all of these together in one ‘system’ that provides a practical ‘handbook’ for owner-managers of small and medium-sized businesses as they navigate their own ScaleUp Journey.

“More than just a theoretical textbook, this is a pragmatic step-by-step guide for any ambitious owner-manager looking to develop the kind of business that gives them the freedom and control they crave – rather than being controlled by their business.

“I hope the framework will help readers transition the steppingstones as they scale, enabling them to find their own answers to the business challenges they face.”

Kevin founded BizSmart® in 2012 with the aim of supporting business owners to build scalable, sustainable and ultimately valuable businesses.

BizSmart® has since established a leading reputation as many businesses’ support provider of choice and is on a clear mission to help as many business owners on their scaleup journeys as possible, having supported over 700 firms and recently been endorsed by the ScaleUp Institute.

The business launched the BizSmart® franchise model in 2020 to give proven professionals the opportunity to establish their own business support offering under the BizSmart® umbrella, with franchises now available.

For more information visit www.bizsmart.co.uk and to purchase the book click here.



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