Meet our franchisees – Bukky Ajibola, Milton Keynes & Bedfordshire

Hub Care Support

Starting your own successful business is never easy, especially if you also want to give something back to your local community. For one of newest franchise, Bukky, a Hub Care Support franchise was a way for her to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Bukky joins us after a long self-employed career in social housing in her local area. When she decided it was time for a change, she was determined to keep being her own boss, but was unsure of the direction she wanted to take. She had a strong business sense, but her experiences in social housing meant she also had a lot of contact with people who were care service users and so developed a unique perspective of care needs in her local community.

She wanted a new business that would be rewarding in more than just the financial sense – it also had to have a positive impact on those around her. However, this proved to be a lot more challenging that she anticipated.

“I had tried a few new business ideas in the past,” Bukky told us, “but they never worked out for me, so I decided about 5 years ago that I really needed to join a franchise. I looked at a lot of different options, but eventually narrowed it down to care. I have always felt I am a person who puts community, first, so I realised a care franchise would be the best way for me to achieve that. That’s when I discovered Hub Care Support, and it wasn’t a difficult decision to join them.”

Hub Care Support stands out from the crowd for one simple reason: we are not a care agency. Our business model offers something very different from the traditional systems of care in the UK that are now so famously failing both their staff and their service users. As our franchisee, you’ll be able to offer service users a Personal Assistant (PA) that perfectly matches their individual needs, leading to a hugely improved standard of care. As our system also offers a much higher income to carers who act as self-employed PAs without any zero-hour contracts, your new business can have a positive impact right across all levels of your community.

“In the course of my previous work, I could see that mainstream care in the UK is definitely not what I would want for myself, or someone I love. Hub Care Support really are pioneering a different kind of care. From a PAs point of view, they can work where and when they want, and still earn a decent wage. They want to help people, but this work comes with a lot of physical and mental stress, and the current care system is not looking after them.

For service users, they know it will always be the same person who turns up at their door, someone who has the time to really learn what they need and develop a personal relationship with them. With Hub Care Support’s system, we can deliver an excellent quality of care but still have a good income for me and my PAs.”

We’re always very keen to meet anyone from care sector who is interested in joining us at Hub Care Support, but you certainly don’t need hands-on experience to benefit from everything our franchise can offer, as Bukky proves. Thanks to the in-depth training in core care skills we offer as part of our franchise package, we were able to teach her everything she needed to succeed as a new business owner in our industry.

Of course, training is just the beginning, as we continue to offer as much support as our franchisees need throughout their partnership with us. This includes everything from business mentoring and helping you through your crucial first few weeks and months, to help recruiting PAs and managing your business using our specialist IT systems.

“I couldn’t have done this on my own. The support and systems are one the biggest reasons I decided to choose Hub Care Support. Anything I need help with, the team fix it almost immediately. They’ve given me so much encouragement and confidence. I’m loving getting out into the community and letting people know that we are here. I’ve discovered just how community minded I am, and I am also expecting business to pick up in a big way.”

Could our support help you build a business which is both financially and personally rewarding? One which can help you, and those most in need in your community, build a better future?

Get in touch with our team today to find out more.

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