Meet our franchisees – Vicky and Mike, East Yorks & Hull


When Vicky and Mike relocated from Scotland to Yorkshire, they wanted more than just a change of scene – they wanted to transform their working lives for the better too, and a Lawnkeeper franchise gave them the opportunity to do just that.

As a couple who both love the outdoors and have excellent business sense, Vicky and Mike are in many ways perfect candidates for running a lawn care business. Mike had been in top-level management positions for many years, and Vicky had spent most of her working life managing hotels and offices. Wanting to pursue a simpler life, they moved closer to their family in Yorkshire where Vicky began working in the office of another lawn care company, managing their logistics and customer service.

While she thoroughly enjoyed her new job, she soon found she was becoming more interested in the hands-on side of the business and wanted to pursue her goal of leaving office work behind. Unfortunately, the role only allowed her to get out and work on lawns herself very occasionally, but that all changed when she learnt that their local Lawnkeeper franchise owner, Paul, had decided to sell his two territories and move on.

“I first heard about the resale from my parents as Paul looked after their lawn.“ Vicky told us. “My dad called me one night and said ‘You love your job, but have you ever thought about doing it for yourself?’ I hadn’t, but I spoke with Mike and we decided to meet up with Paul and it didn’t take me long to realise that this was definitely what I wanted to do. Six weeks later we took over the business!”

Franchising with an established brand like Lawnkeeper, which has a proven business model and well-structured systems of training and support, is one of the most reliable routes to starting your own business. All of our franchisees have succeeded in growing their businesses from scratch with our help and many stay as our partners for many years, though that does mean some will eventually decide to move on or retire. 

It’s always sad to say goodbye to old friends, but this does mean opportunities open up for people like Vicky and Mike who can enjoy a huge head start by taking over territories that already have an established customer base, and fulfil that dream of working for themselves. 

“It was a no brainer really. “ Vicky continued. “It was the perfect opportunity for us. I’ve always cared about where I’ve worked, but it has always been someone else’s business and clients. These are our customers now, and I absolutely love it!” 

Within just two months of taking over their new territories, Vicky and Mike increased their business by a whopping 32.5% compared to the same period last year. They now employ two lawn care specialists to cover their two territories, and recently took on the care of a tennis court for one of their first non-domestic customers. They have been so busy lately, Vicky had to ask her dad to come out of retirement and lend a hand for a couple of weeks!

“We’re building on what Paul started, and that is the fantastic relationships with customers that has always set Lawnkeeper apart. Our customers love that personal touch, and it’s why they come to us. They get to know you as a local face, and you get to know their needs, and I love that interaction. Last week, I visited a regular customer and they gave me a pot of homemade jam from fruit in their garden. You only get that kind of treatment if you’re someone they trust!” 

Are you looking for a way to make the leap into self-employment and building a rewarding new business you can be proud of? Contact us today to find out more about what the Lawnkeeper franchise can do for you. 

As word of mouth continues to spread about the great work Vicky and Mike are doing, we’re sure their new business will continue to grow from strength to strength. We’re looking forward to working with them for many years to come!

It’s the perfect lifestyle for where we are now in our lives. Despite a few achy bones and late nights, we’ve not looked back since.” 

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