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Whether it’s muddy assault courses or tricky shipping and logistics challenges, InXpress franchisees are proving there’s nothing they’re not capable of taking on!

We couldn’t be prouder of everything our franchisees have accomplished already this year. We’ve always known they were a dynamic, go-getting bunch, but their latest achievements are exceeding expectations, in more ways than one.

We’re not just talking about their business figures – though those are cracking, too – we mean the incredible lengths they go to give something back to those who need it most. InXpress is not just about empowering our partners to build their own successful and rewarding businesses, it’s also about empowering everyone we can in our local communities, and around the world. This is why, every year, we encourage our franchisees to take part in charity events and fundraisers as part of a InXpress Global Gives Back initiative; they are a positive force for change in the world.

Global Challenge: Mentors International
As you may have seen from our recent press release, the main charity our network has chosen to champion this year is Mentors International.

This is a charity close to our hearts, as it embodies our ethos of giving a ‘hand up, not a handout’. Like the InXpress franchise, Mentors International is all empowering people by giving access to the experience and expertise they need, to create a better future for themselves and their families.

Meet the people taking on the InXpress Global Gives Back challenge:

Penny Per Shipment: Glenn Willis

Glenn Willis from InXpress Blackpool has very generously offered to donate a penny from every shipment made through his office, which he expects will hit about 20,000 during the three-month period of the Global challenge. For those who aren’t familiar with it, the Penny Per Shipment campaign is as simple as it sounds: InXpress Blackpool will donate 1p from every shipment they send. 

In Glenn’s opinion, “Giving back is massively important to the brand. It raises money for important causes and helps everybody come together. The charity we’re supporting is utterly transforming lives. This is a small town, so getting our name out there as people who care, is really important.”

There was a wild rumour going around that Glenn was going to run up Blackpool tower, but he was quick to squash that one! However, we expect his commitment to raise hundreds of extra pounds this summer, all without taking on any crazy stunts.

Tough Mudder: Chloe Vant-Abbott

Somewhat more intrepid though is Chloe Vant-Abbott from InXpress Cambridge. She’s bravely (or crazily?!) signed up for Tough Mudder to raise £1000. The course is a 10k challenge of ice baths, mud pits, electric wires, and all sorts of obstacles, each more fiendish than the last… Rather her than us, but we’re full of admiration of what she is taking on, from our safe distance.

As Chloe says, “For me this is a massive challenge, as I am not particularly sporty! But, I was so inspired by the idea of empowering women ahead of our next International Women’s Conference. I really believe in InXpress’ ethos of being “All In”, because this is something you really have to be all in to do! I wanted to give support Mentors International to show how women in business can lead the way, even if it means people saying, ‘Did you see Chloe getting electrocuted on LinkedIn?!?’”

See how Chloe is doing on her JustGiving page:

5k every day: Ralph Letheren

So amazing have our franchisees’ contributions been, we thought we’d better step-up our game here at Head Office too! Which is why our Global COO Ralph Letheren, has risen to the challenge. We couldn’t persuade him to be mildly electrocuted for charity, but he has pledged to run 5k every day in August.

As Ralph explains, “I wanted to do something significant and challenging for me personally, whilst making a significant difference to other people. Our first International Women’s Conference last year was such a big success, we wanted to make this next one even more impactful, and thought it would be a great opportunity to tie-in a fundraiser with the event. When we came across Mentors International, they really aligned with our values at InXpress: They’re about entrepreneurship and giving back. But, I particularly love the focus on supporting women into business, too.”

Check how Ralph’s runs are going on his JustGiving page:

Are you ready to be a part of a franchise which is always giving back? One looking at the bigger picture to understand the importance of empowering others? Then, get in touch today!

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