Miracle baby leads Stafford entrepreneur to find true calling closer to home

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Since finishing university, entrepreneur Ed McCann had enjoyed a successful career providing suppliers with bespoke captioning software for deaf students around the country. But having recently celebrated the birth of his son with his partner following multiple rounds of IVF and with a burning ambition to become his own boss, Ed has finally been given a reason to re-acquaint himself with home. Understanding the incredible reward of providing services with a smile in Stafford, which is also where Ed was born and raised, he has launched My Window Cleaner – a much-needed family run, trustworthy and reliable local window cleaning service to over 20,000 homes.

Due to the significant financial sacrifice IVF requires, Ed and his partner had reached their third and final round feeling little hope of success late last year. This, combined with the demands of flying up and down the country in his previous role, left Ed feeling “physically and mentally drained.” But eight months since the birth of their son, which both describe as their “miracle”, the Stafford entrepreneur has been given a new lease of life as he launches a business that will not only support his growing family, but the rest of the community as well.  

“It was vital that my next step had to combine my professional ambition with being a close part of my son’s life as he grows up,” explained Ed. “I’m delighted to be bringing premier home services to houses in the area and the positivity I feel about this new chapter will reflect in the service I’ll be providing. Now, I really believe I’ve got a sense of community purpose and a way of reconnecting with home – I can spend loads of time with my family as well as embracing the outdoors! With this new business, I have a duty to my family and to my neighbours to ensure I become a trusted part of our close-knit community.”

Today, it can be all too common to find a local window cleaner and immediately be faced with the difficulty of ensuring they provide a consistent, high-quality service. Ed aims to address the UK’s fast-growing demand for such services which have seen a 15% rise in the last year alone1 by bringing a one-stop-shop to Stafford, also offering gutter clearance, patio jet washing and much more. Thanks to its trailblazing approach, online booking technology and integrated AI, My Window Cleaner has been reforming the nation’s expectations of professional, reliable local window cleaning services for over 27 years. And with Ed finally starting his own family after a long wait, he will be projecting positivity and a family-feel service across Stafford.

“This venture will give me the time and the resources to become the father I want to be. It’s my mission to project my values and become a real root of the community. But this venture isn’t just for me and my family! I’m driven to get a fleet of vans out on the road and create multiple job opportunities in the area. That’s what Stafford’s communities are all about – supporting one another in a trusted environment – and it’s certainly values that My Window Cleaner lives by.”

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My Window Cleaner

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