New ‘game-changing’ lead-handling service for the franchise sector


Franchising’s inbound communications specialist, Cymphony, officially unveiled its new lead conversion service, LEAD2SUCCESS, at the British & International Franchise Exhibition, Olympia. Following a successful trial with franchisors and their franchisees in the UK, the new service has proven to consistently convert up to 70% contacted enquiries into booked appointments, contributing to franchise network growth and franchisee revenue growth

LEAD2SUCCESS is a rare game-changer for the franchise industry. The 24/7 service utilises clever technology to respond quickly and reliably to every enquiry in under five minutes. After completing a contact form, prospects receive an instant text message, followed by an automated phone call – on average within 90 seconds – from a professionally trained agent who already knows the prospects name, and all information submitted. With access to diaries or CRMs, leads are then booked in for first-stage appointments with agreed contacts. This incredibly personal and real-time communication captures prospects in the moment and leverages the high state of investor intention which is usually lost as time passes.

“If you’re fast, and you’re first, you stand a significantly better chance of engaging with, and converting, a prospect,” explains Tim Morris, renowned franchise expert and Managing Director of Cymphony. “Research shows that sub five minutes is the optimum response time to capitalise on inbound leads. And yet, the average business takes 47 hours. It’s little wonder franchisors feel frustrated. This isn’t guesswork anymore. A solid communication strategy leads to more appointment bookings and reduces no-show rates. The tangible impact is network growth and therefore increased MSFs as well as an increase in franchisee revenue, profitability and satisfaction.”

Prestigious franchise Pitman Training has partnered with Cymphony for the past year, using its lead-handling services to support with enquiries from prospective students enrolling on courses, and more recently, for recruitment of franchisees. From the outset, UK Managing Director Paul Lewis has viewed Cymphony’s services as an investment for the business, as well as a valuable addition to the team, from a cost and resource perspective. 

“Cymphony support us with our general sales enquiries, and more recently, LEAD2SUCCESS has been piloted for franchise recruitment. During this trial period, Cymphony has helped us to achieve a ‘speed to lead’ that was otherwise impossible for us to attain. The contact rates are higher than ever, and the conversion from lead to appointment is very impressive too. We know that all of our new enquiries are followed up within minutes, any time of the day. Engaging with Cymphony has enabled our sales staff to focus on doing what they do best… selling. And, needless to say, our overall sales results have increased during this same period. This invaluable lead-handling service more than pays for itself, particularly as the conversion and sales improve!” said Paul.

Radfield Home Care has also been utilising the new lead-handling and conversion service for franchise recruitment. Already, the brand is seeing the benefits that fast and personal communication is bringing to the business. “Using Cymphony has given us the confidence that our leads are contacted quickly and at a time of day that suits them,” explains Neil McPherson, Operations Director. “Cymphony agents provide a friendly, warm, engaging call to our potential new franchisee from the start, which then allows us to focus on the leads that have qualified to the next stage. As a result, this means we have a much more engaged conversation.”

Global tutoring giant Tutor Doctor uses LEAD2SUCCESS for franchisee consumer leads and has seen conversion rates increase from 48% to over 70% since engaging with Cymphony. Mark Szpak, Director of Global Franchise Support, said: “This has made a significant difference to the success of our franchisees and has contributed hugely to the growth of their businesses.”

Cymphony’s tailored service empowers franchise brands to capitalise on every potential lead using the skills of trained professionals and previously unheard-of response times.

“We’re incredibly proud of LEAD2SUCCESS. Having spent years as a franchisor myself, I understand only too well the struggles of chasing leads, juggling commitments and operating with limited staff numbers. Years in the making, this is a solution to help all businesses make the absolute most of every opportunity,” concluded Tim.

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