Owners of TruGreen Hampshire South take home the Marketing Award


The owners of TruGreen Hampshire South are celebrating after winning Marketing Rookie of the Year at this month’s ServiceMaster Live!

Left to right: Sandra, TruGreen Brand Leader Steve Welch, Alwyn, and TruGreen Marketing Manager Siân Lovatt at ServiceMaster Live!

Held in May, ServiceMaster Live! was a gathering of franchisees from across the ServiceMaster brand family under one roof to network, celebrate, and share in the joys of franchising.

This included an awards ceremony to reward our franchisees for their outstanding work and contributions to their respective brands over the past two years. One such award was the Marketing Rookie of the Year Award, won by franchise owners of TruGreen Hampshire South, Alwyn and Sandra Rees. This award was given based on a franchisee’s contribution to the marketing of their business in the past year. Marketing plays a vital role in the success of a business – but can be tricky to get right, especially when you are still getting to grips with your business yourself. But as Alwyn and Sandra have proven in the last 12 months, hard work, adaptability, teamwork, and dedication to a business translate directly to success via the efforts of earnest marketing and a love for the work you do.

Alwyn and Sandra started their TruGreen business in March 2021 after having both worked in the corporate world for most of their working lives. A key to their success has been the clear development plan, that they started their business with, and their ability to work together to maximise their joint potential. Now in practice, Alwyn leads the operational aspects of the TruGreen business, working on the lawns to help customers achieve the lawn of their dreams, whilst Sandra looks after the admin & accounts and helps with work on the lawns.

TruGreen’s Marketing Manager Siân Lovatt says, “Following the introduction of our Marketing awards in 2020, I have been blown away by some of the contributions to marketing in the last 12 months by franchisees.

“The idea of the Marketing Rookie of the Year award was to recognise and appreciate a new up-and-coming franchisee that not only follows the marketing plan but also contributes to both national and local marketing initiatives. Alwyn and Sandra are worthy winners of this award after a great first year in business with TruGreen. Not only are they keen to grow their business through marketing but they also understand the importance of investing in marketing in their business.

“Throughout the last year, they have grown their customer base through using marketing initiatives such as leafleting campaigns, all types of social media, Google ad words and other mediums. They consistently attend marketing meetings and get heavily involved with the planning of both national and local marketing. Both are forward-thinking and open-minded when it comes to their marketing plan and aren’t afraid to change it if they need to! I’m really excited to see where the next year takes them both and am looking forward to working with them to help them achieve their goals over the coming months.” Finished Siân

Alwyn and Sandra say they are overjoyed and very grateful to have won Marketing Rookie of the Year and want to extend thanks to: “Everyone who has helped us in our first year as business owners of TruGreen Hampshire South, Waterside and New Forest. We are delighted to have been presented with this award during the recent ‘ServiceMaster Live!’ event.”

They went on to say, “As new business owners, we are acutely aware of the need to continually invest and reinvest in marketing our services and the TruGreen brand. We feel very grateful that over 200 customers have chosen to trust us to look after their lawns during our first year of business, and without our focus on marketing this would not have been possible.

Our thanks must also go to Steve Welch (TruGreen Brand Manager), Sian Lovatt (TruGreen Marketing Manager) and Tim Marshall (Social Media and Communications Coordinator) for helping us along the way. As we start our second year, we are very much looking forward to the challenge of growing the business (pun intended!)”

If, like Alwyn and Sandra, you would like to grow your very own successful business that allows you to spend your days outdoors providing customers with the lawn of their dreams, get in touch with our friendly franchise sales team today to find available territories near you.

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