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How did I get here?

Meet Sophie Morgan, mum of two-year-old Teddy, higher level teaching assistant and the singing and Minis teacher at Razzamataz West Cumbria. Although Sophie is just 24 years old, she’s packed a lot in with an exciting future in front of her.

Early days

I started at Razzamataz when I was seven and stayed until I was 18. There were so many exciting and memorable moments but some of the standout ones include when we travelled to Essex to do a dance workshop with Diversity, which was amazing because we got to meet the other schools too. Performing at Her Majesty’s Theatre in the West End are memories that will stay with me for life and just generally doing our yearly showcases because you were in a room full of other young people who loved being part of Razzamataz, enjoyed the same things and we shared these incredible experiences.

Life skills gained

One of the main things Razzamataz gave me was confidence. I really struggled when I was younger and found it difficult to make friends. Going to Razzamataz taught me the three disciplines of dance, acting and singing but it taught me so much more such as teamwork, how to build friendships and self-belief. I could feel myself getting more confident after a couple of months because I would put myself forward to sing solos, but it is only looking back as an adult that I realise that by being a Razzamataz student, I was learning so many important life skills.

How did you become a teacher

Before I left Razzamataz at 18, I was going in an hour earlier as a Senior helper. This made me realise how much I loved being in this environment and helping students. When I left, a classroom assistant vacancy came up for the Tots and Junior class, which I was delighted to take. Singing is a passion of mine so was very pleased when I was offered that role and eventually the Minis role, which has been fantastic because you get to teach all three disciplines. 

What do you love about being a Razzamataz teacher

It’s everything watching the children progress each week and seeing their confidence grow. I love it because I understand how they are feeling because I was in the exact same position myself. It’s fantastic to watch their love and passion for performing arts grow and to be one of the people that can help guide them along this journey.

Next ambitions with Razzamataz

Over the last few months, my Principal Matty has given me more responsibilities, including stepping into the role of Acting Principal. I’ve loved getting to know the parents on a deeper level and looking at other aspects of the business. I was also on the pilot for the Teacher Training Platform, which I thought was great. It was so useful and really gave me an insight to reflect on things that I do in lessons and how I could make them better. It has improved my teaching style too. As soon as I became a student in the Seniors class, I said I would love to own my own Razzamataz school one day and this is something that I think about more and more.

What does Razzamataz mean to you

It’s hard to think of just one answer because Razzamataz is the place I feel at home. In fact, it is a real family affair because both my sisters have been students as well as my cousins. My little boy is getting ready to go into the Tots classes and my mum says she can’t wait to take him to continue the tradition. For all of us, Razzamataz is where we feel our happiest.

Want to join our team?

Razzamataz Theatre Schools offer employment to some circa 600 people either as teachers, assistants, or part of the admin team. There are plenty of opportunities to grow with many people starting out as work experience placements and progressing to assistant Principals or Principal roles.

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