SmartPA secures gold standard in training accreditation


A leading business outsourcing firm has been awarded the gold standard in accreditation for its specialist secretarial training programme. 

Edinburgh-based SmartPA’s innovative course for virtual administration assistants received the top recognition from the Continuing Professional Development Standards Office (CPDSO).

The sought-after certification is widely viewed as the highest standard of award to guarantee course quality. 

The move comes amid growing demand for SmartPA’s services and e-learning packages in the post-pandemic business landscape.

SmartPA’s in-depth modules were independently assessed over eight weeks against key benchmarks including data protection, health and safety, and equality.

The company, a pioneer in office support, joins the likes of the NHS, the Open University, and Pitman Training in achieving CPDSO membership.

Assessors ensure that all aspects of learning are reviewed while staff and partners keep abreast of the latest industry practices and procedures in areas such as cyber security.

Sarra Bejaoui, founder and chief experience officer of SmartPA, said:

“We are delighted to be recognised as an accredited CPDSO provider.

“SmartPA was founded to elevate the perception of the ‘admin’ role and eradicate the phrase ‘just a PA’.

“As market leaders we wanted to demonstrate the quality and professionalism of our training.

“This accreditation is a testament to the ongoing hard work by our learning and development team.

“They are always striving to deliver the highest-quality courses that help individuals on their journey with us to financial independence.”

Andrew Wright, chief executive officer of SmartPA, said:

“The world of business support is constantly evolving and we continuously ensure that the training we offer is cutting-edge.

“An independent review from this internationally respected body gives learners, partners and customers even more confidence in our commitment to empower and support success.

“All CPDSO providers are assessed on high quality, collaborative, and inclusive training.

“With workforce transformation at the forefront of pandemic recovery, more sectors and organisations recognise the need for continuous professional development.

“This credential can be included in formal records and offers a tremendous boost to our SmartPAs in their new careers.”


More information on SmartPA’s office support services and partnership opportunities can be found at

SmartPA was founded in Edinburgh in 2008.

Today the company is in 20 countries with more than 3,000 clients and a roster of 50,000 PAs. This includes a full-business support team in South Africa, launched in 2021.

It aims transform the lives of individual SmartPAs by empowering them to become financially independent. 

With six female heads of departments it is also creating a new norm of women in leadership.

SmartPA’s partnership opportunities provide access to an expert development programme and a bespoke online learning platform.

Ongoing support includes training, business coaching, IT, technology, sales and marketing. 

Nine out of 10 small to medium sized firms (SMEs) fail in their first year, but SmartPA business have a 98 per cent success rate.



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