Social platforms are finding more and more ways to integrate video.


Yes, it can be a hassle to record new content, but we think that shouldn’t deter you at all! Here are a few reasons why we believe the key to your best growth in 2022 is video!

Similarly to pictures, as we’ve mentioned in another article, videos are particularly eye-catching. Somebody scrolling through their social media feed is more likely to stop and look at something easily digestible, like a video, than a block of text. Including a video is a great way to ensure that you get the most attention to your posts and your message as possible! Research has suggested that the average attention span for adults is around eight seconds, meaning that making an engaging piece of media is very important. Either use shorter videos to keep within the attention span time, or ensure that you grab the viewer’s attention and try to retain it!

Finding that balance can be tricky, sure. But in an age of influencers and online stars, there is creative influence all over the internet!

Another great thing about video is that it can be a lot more personal than a silent post. While it may be a bit one-sided, video is more similar to conversation than a transactional caption, or a picture. Having somebody talk to you, just hearing a friendly voice, automatically makes you more inclined to listen to the message! This can be especially true if you are making videos and your competitors aren’t. It gives you that edge and makes you look more knowledgeable and more capable!

Along the same vein, having subtitles can be crucial for keeping that engagement, as well as making your content accessible to those who may be hard of hearing or simply wish to view your video without sound. Subtitles that follow human speech patterns are still more friendly than those transactional captions. Media news website Digiday discovered that while Facebook pulls around 8 billion video views per day, around 85% of those views are without sound!


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So while engaging vocals are certainly important (don’t forget, 15% of 8 billion is still over 1 billion) making sure that your video is eye-catching, and giving your audience a good reason to keep their eyes on your content, is still vital!

Now, another aspect of video that you may not have thought of is live video. Facebook Live video has been seen to produce six times as much interaction as traditional video! This is likely due to specific aspects of live video such as live chat which allows people watching the live video to message the person recording the video, or the idea of the “Fear Of Missing Out”. Live video can be a great way to show that you are a fun place to work and you are a modern company!

Well, there you have it! A few reasons from us as to why we believe video is going to be a massively impactful tool for your marketing in 2022 and the years to come!


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