Somerset businessman returns home with new mission to shake up the education system

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Despite enjoying a diverse career in business management, pharmaceuticals and the police, Somerset-based David Brassington has chosen to dedicate his profession to improving the quality of education with the launch of his new venture, an in-home and online tutoring company, Tutor Doctor. Transforming his career in the wake of the pandemic, he is already making an impact in his local community, covering Frome, Taunton and North Yeovil.

After three decades in a successful pharmaceutical sales position, David decided to retrain as a teacher but did not enjoy sticking to the rigid structure the mainstream education industry demands. As such, he became inspired by the prospect of delivering high-quality, personalised education to students in need, and it became an obvious solution to partner with the in-home and online tutoring franchise brand, Tutor Doctor.

Recently launching his business, David is now delivering unique, personalised experiences to students across his community. He is supplementing the learning experience for students while additionally achieving the rewarding professional experience he has been seeking since stepping away from his previous career.

David explained: “I’d been looking at franchising for a few years, and I like change and keeping myself feeling fresh and motivated by what I do. The pandemic highlighted just how ready I was to move on from my previous career, and it seemed that, with the education industry being so heavily impacted by COVID, going into teaching was the perfect challenge. It was Tutor Doctor’s malleable style and ethos that resonated with me most. The delivery of our services is built on the individual needs of each and every student, taking into account their current situation, personality and what they want from us as educators.”

Although he has lived in London, Liverpool and Bournemouth, it was the sentiment David has with the local education system that brought him back to Somerset to launch his Tutor Doctor business, having attended school in Taunton. David has since been able to combine his previous experience in sales and management with his knowledge of the curriculum and education industry. Being able to relate to teachers and offering their students support is one of the many important steps David is taking towards improving the quality of education in the area, as well as supporting students in their ongoing catch-up from the pandemic. 

“My unique experiences in several different sectors will play important roles towards delivering the high-quality education students learning in the post-COVID era need. I’ve been getting to know my community progressively and am looking forward to how much of a positive impact this venture can make on improving the lives of students in the area. With many tutors already on board, we’re well equipped and prepared to address any need our students have.

“Tutor Doctor has enabled me to look at what is needed for local education from an outside perspective. And with local family and the other community ties I already have, this personal mission means even more. Fundamentally, we’ve established ourselves in this community to change the trajectory of our students’ lives – this is something we can all get behind after such a difficult two years for children of all ages in mainstream education.”

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