Stagecoach Performing Arts launches new global campaign for an inclusive future

Stagecoach Performing Arts

On Wednesday 1st June, children’s services franchise Stagecoach Performing Arts announced the launch of its new global student recruitment campaign. Called ‘A Place To…’ the new messaging has been devised to ensure all children, no matter their ethnicity, background or experience with the arts, feel welcomed and celebrated to be who they want to be.

As part of an ongoing initiative to revolutionise the business model in 2022, this recent announcement plays a key part in the brand’s commitment to put health and wellbeing at the forefront of the franchise.

“Having only recently announced the rollout of our mental health first aid training for key members of our support staff, this campaign is the latest step in establishing Stagecoach as an ambassador for wellbeing,” explained Andy Knights, CEO. “We put the happiness of our students, franchisees and support team at the heart of the business, and this new campaign is a testament to that.”

The tagline and accompanying physical and digital assets will sit across all public-facing branding for the next two years. Franchisees will have access to a vast library of branded collateral that they can launch to the public this month. ‘A Place To…’ encompasses everything that is important to the Stagecoach brand and its brand essence of Creative Courage For Life®.

“From the moment this journey began, we really wanted to get a sense of what exactly Stagecoach means to our franchisees, teachers and students,” added Andy. “The one thing that kept coming back was that Stagecoach is like a second home. It’s somewhere children can express themselves, enjoy themselves and simply be themselves. Essentially, this campaign is based around the belief that children can be anything they want – whether that’s a dream of growing up to be a professional performer, a footballer or a lawyer.

“But as well as providing a place for them to be themselves, our sessions also provide a place to hit that high note, or perfect that monologue. It’s an all-encompassing message that is, perhaps more importantly, inclusive for all. We delight in seeing our students have fun, make friends, learn new skills and discover and develop their talents. We provide a safe, inspiring space to build their confidence.”

For more information about the new campaign, or to find out more about franchise opportunities with Stagecoach Performing Arts, visit


Stagecoach Performing Arts

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