Surrey home care provider, Caremark, extends services to include care for children

Caremark Ltd

The thriving business of Caremark, operating in the boroughs of Spelthorne and Runnymede, has extended its care and support package to include children’s services which are available now.    

The decision to expand into children’s services was always part of the long-term plan but Managing Director Shazia David wanted to ensure the business achieved excellent elderly care at home services first. Only then would she move into home care services for children. 

Shazia took over the business three years ago when it had less than six customers. Now the business is delivering 1000 hours of care a week and has gained an excellent local reputation as a high-quality care provider and local employer.

Shazia said: “I knew it was important to diversify and offer other services and I‘m confident now that I can build up this side of the business. The last three years have given me time to build a solid foundation from which to run, and we are now in a much stronger position.

“We obtained our CQC registration for children’s services in the autumn and have just taken on our first client, providing companionship to a toddler, working purely in a supervisory role.”

Moving into children’s services takes time and training. There are many areas open to care providers, so there is plenty of choice depending on the skills and competencies of the care teams.

“From the moment I opened my doors I was looking for people who had previous experience caring for children,” explained Shazia. “It was always my vision to move into this specialised area once I had got the right team together and the business was back on an even keel.

“My plan is to start with social care, supplying companionship and respite care to a few clients at a time. We need to start slowly and not take on too much to start with.

“Once I have my team ready and my specialist nurses are recruited, then we’ll look to providing care for infants, children with special needs and those with mental health issues.

“I have already recruited one specialist children’s nurse who has come over from India with two more in the pipeline. They will be the lead carer with my specially trained and DBS checked care assistants working with them.

“We are in a good position here because the market is wide open with no real competition from providers who are set up to take on such complex packages.

Shazia said: “Extending our care service into other areas was always part of my three-year business plan. I knew the market would become saturated and following the pandemic this is what happened.

“After Covid, there were care companies popping up like mushrooms, all wanting to make a living delivering home care but without the solid infrastructure and depth of training to make them a provider of quality care. This is what separates us from the smaller set-ups.

“And when it comes to any plans, I involve my team from the bottom upwards. Each one is on board with my ideas because every person is integral to the success of this company. They know that their role and contribution is both valuable and valued. Without their skills and commitment, I can’t grow the company or their futures.”

Shazia concluded by saying: “By the end of 2022 I want to have at least 3-5 young customers and by mid-2023 we will be ready to offer complex care to children, those with mental health issues for example. By that time, my nurses will be here and settled in and then we’ll be in a good position to move forward.”

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