Sylvian Care: A New Face for a Bright Future

Sylvian Care

After successfully expanding to over 26 franchise locations and counting, Sylvian Care has reached a crucial stage in its franchise development. The company recognizes that the brand image is extremely important in positioning itself as a leader in the industry and speaking to the next generation of care professionals and franchisees.

This realization has led to a complete rebranding effort that focuses on fostering a world where people are empowered through genuine relationships and enriched experiences.

The rebranding has brought about a new logo, new colours, and a refined vision and mission that focus on fostering a world where people are empowered through genuine relationships and enriched experiences. Sylvian Care’s new brand mission is to create an unparalleled care experience built on the power of human connection. They are committed to understanding every person’s unique needs, preferences, and aspirations and providing personalised care that cultivates happiness, dignity, and purpose. The brand vision of Sylvian Care is to become a leader in compassionate care and redefine the industry.

By dedicating themselves to a higher standard of care, Sylvian Care franchisees are changing the way we see the care sector. They help franchisees grow a recession-proof business with the potential to achieve a multi-million-pound turnover by recruiting, training, and supplying staff from both the UK and abroad to satisfy the constant demand for care in the community.

The rebranding effort is more than just a new logo and colours. It is a mission to create a world where everyone has access to compassionate care. Sylvian Care is committed to placing the human connection and experience at the base of the care delivery, and the rebranding represents a significant step forward in achieving this goal.

Sylvian Care’s dedication to providing quality care and creating a more connected and caring society is at the forefront of their business model. By embracing a modern brand for modern times, they are poised for a bright future and a continuation of their mission to make a difference in the world of care.

Sylvian Care is seeking franchisees who share their vision and values, people who want to make a positive impact in their community, and who have a passion for helping others in need. Previous experience in the care sector is not required as Sylvian Care provides full support and training to their franchisees. This includes assistance with the CQC application, setting up the business, compliance, audits, marketing and advertising, tender applications, recruitment, and sponsor license. The company also offers one-week training at the head office followed by regular visits from a franchise support manager who provides ongoing support throughout the duration of the franchise agreement.

The recent rebrand also represent a whole new step forward for the franchise in terms of reaching out to the most talented of aspiring business people regardless of ethnicity, gender, sexuality, and helping to overcome barriers in our society for both partners and service users. Sylvian Care was also recently appointed as an ambassador for EWIF – Encouraging Women into Franchising – , a not-for-profit organization founded in 2008 with a mission to support and encourage women to consider and ultimately engage in franchising as a business opportunity. This represents a fantastic new opportunity for the franchise, which has always been proud of its commitment to diversity and inclusion by recruiting franchisees from all walks of life.

The partnership between Sylvian Care and EWIF comes at a crucial time when gender equality is increasingly gaining momentum across various industries. With the support of ambassadors like Sylvian Care, EWIF can broaden its reach and create even more opportunities for women to thrive in the world of franchising.

With plenty of territories available throughout the UK, aspiring franchisees can find more information on or contact for more details on how to become part of the Sylvian Care network.

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