Sylvian Care Unveils Its New Website

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Just like the franchise itself, the new rebranding is a reflection of enhanced care and a singular vision for the future

Cristina Grancea and Silviu Pop, the founders of Sylvian Care, are thrilled to announce the launch of their newly revamped websites, and Much like the franchise itself, the new websites and branding have been a real labour of love over the last few months with the goal of encapsulating the true heart of what Sylvian Care is all about.

Wanting to showcase how the brand and franchise has evolved and developed in recent years to become the incredible offering it is today, the rebranding process has been a very intense one for Cristina and Silviu. Not only have they closely examined everything that makes Sylvian Care so special, but also engaged in a series of workshops and usability tests to ensure that the websites are user friendly, intuitive to use and have all the necessary information for their visitors. Just like our approach to care, our clients and their families were at the forefront of this transformation, influencing the structure and content of the site.

In keeping with the ethos of Sylvian Care, our new websites focus on fostering relationships. We’ve incorporated fresh visuals, new imagery, and a clear depiction of our vision, mission, and values. The message of our relationship-based care resonates throughout, reflecting Sylvian Care’s distinctive impact on the homecare industry.

Even our new brand logo, which features a heart made up of individual dots, each symbolising cherished memories of our clients, is designed to mirror the spirit behind all our services. It’s all about encapsulating the nurturing and caring nature of Sylvian Care, coupled with our commitment to building lasting relationships.

Cristina Grancea, co-founder of Sylvian Care, said: “Our revamped platforms are truly a testament to our ongoing commitment towards our clients, their loved ones, and our devoted care team. By meticulously incorporating the feedback we have gathered, we have been able to design a digital experience that communicates something truly meaningful to our extended community.”

Fellow co-founder, Silviu Pop, added: “We’re thrilled to unveil these new websites to the world as they are so authentic in reflecting the distinct values and ethos which set Sylvian Care apart. With these fantastic new platforms in place, we can now put even more dynamic plans in to action to make sure the site works efficiently for all our franchisees and clients in 2023 and beyond.”

We are all very pleased to see that the website not only looks great, but is simple and easy to navigate. This means we can be confident that we are always getting Sylvian Care’s core message across and live up to our promise of providing exceptional, personalised care services while building a strong community based on trust and respect.

Explore the newly redesigned Sylvian Care sites here: and

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