TAB franchise rated 5 Star by WorkBuzz following franchisee survey

The Alternative Board

Business franchise The Alternative Board (TAB) has been presented with a 5 Star Satisfaction award by WorkBuzz.

The WorkBuzz award was based solely on feedback from franchise owners across the TAB network, who gave anonymous ratings for their experiences as franchise owners and for the training and support they receive from head office.   The 5 Star award underlines TAB’s commitment to excellence across the franchise with the company scoring an impressive 92% for leadership.

“We’re delighted to have been rated 5 Star in our first WorkBuzz engagement survey,” commented Ed Reid, MD of TAB (UK).  “This award is a welcome recognition that we are meeting the needs of our hard-working network, providing a franchise environment that is both enjoyable and hugely rewarding.

“The 5 Star rating is testament to the time and expertise we commit to ensuring our franchisees are supported across all aspects of running their local businesses. We consistently listen and engage with our franchisees to gather insights and improve our performance across the UK.  This not only strengthens us as a franchise but also ensures the products and services our franchisees are delivering to SMEs across the UK are perfectly aligned to their business needs. 

“We are proud to be the go-to organisation for business leaders looking to run stronger businesses and lead balanced lives.  And there’s no better way to demonstrate that, than with this 5 Star rating for how we ourselves perform as a business.”

TAB is the world’s largest franchise system providing peer advisory boards and business coaching for business owners. TAB franchisee opportunities are currently open across the UK and are ideally suited to those with a background in business.  TAB is seeking professionals including consultants, coaches, business owners and senior employees who are looking to combine a passion for business with the drive to help others to succeed.  Harnessing their existing professional skills and expertise, TAB franchisees can transform local businesses.

TAB franchisees enjoy incredible flexibility and independence with unparalleled training and support.  As a business service, a TAB franchise has very little overheads and many franchisees choose to work from home.  TAB even takes care of the accounting so franchisees can enjoy a better work/life balance.  For more information please visit: TAB Franchise.

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