Tezlom accelerates growth with seven new franchises 

Tezlom Healthcare Recruitment

Prospective franchisees are consistently reminded of the incredible opportunity they have to truly make a mark on their local communities and on the lives of the people they serve. And that opportunity has never been so applicable to the healthcare recruitment franchise, Tezlom, which is continuing to place more care workers in vital roles through the franchise’s accelerated growth. Welcoming seven new franchisees in the network, Tezlom has started the new year driven by its mission of positively changing the care industry through opening more opportunities for devoted, expert care staff in more locations around the country. 

As a brand, Tezlom attracts ambitious entrepreneurs, often with previous experience in the healthcare industry. The new franchisee of Tezlom Stratford & Romford, Marvellous Imadu, is no exception. Finding his “true calling in care” having worked in various roles since 2009, including being a support worker for another franchise, Marvellous hopes to help other passionate care workers find rewarding roles in a sector in need of devoted leaders. Later, being placed in a role by Tezlom himself and seeing the incredible value the franchise brings to the care industry, the franchise opportunity was one he could not turn down. After just six months of trading, Marvellous already has 35 staff and is projected to turn over £110,000, proving the concept and financial opportunity the recruitment franchise offers.  

“My experience with Tezlom has been second to none,” said Marvellous. “As a franchisee, I truly feel like a leader with the chance to make a real, positive impact on my community. What’s more, the process was incredibly smooth between initial contact and launching my franchise. The franchisor is incredible, and none of what I’ve achieved to date could have been done without their full backing and support. Tezlom in general is like a family. I really appreciate this opportunity, and I wouldn’t think twice about turning to Tezlom if I was going to do it again. The financial rewards and the personal rewards are unmatched.”

Continuing to bring franchisees to the network with prior experience in the healthcare industry, Tezlom has also welcomed Roseline Fashina of Tezlom Bromley. Roseline identified her territory as an ideal location where carers are crying out for a recruitment service with real heart. Family and loyalty have been core principles of Tezlom since its inception in 2008, and with the help of her husband, Terry, and her daughter Ejejesu, Roseline is growing a scalable business while continuing to work on the front line as a nurse, with both roles going “hand in hand”.

“It’s incredibly early days for my franchise, but I already have clients on our books, and I have a passion-driven team who really believe in the Tezlom mission and values,” said Roseline. “It’s hard work, but with the support of my colleagues and the franchisor, I’m building an exciting business that’ll benefit my community’s care workers. Training has certainly played a huge role in how positively it has gone so far, as we’ve been able to navigate law changes and revised regulations within the industry with no problems. Utilising the resources that we are provided with has shown the value of the training programme. Having such a detailed approach to my franchise has allowed me to balance my roles as a franchisee and a front-line nurse very well, and I’m so excited for the future.”

Not just for those with prior experience, Tezlom is also welcoming franchisees from a diversity of backgrounds who are driven by social responsibility and the prospect of giving back to their communities. Umar Zaman, franchisee of Tezlom Nottingham, worked as a chef for 12 years before becoming disillusioned by the industry and turning his passion to giving back to devoted workers in need of a supportive service provider. By knowing how to make his staff “tick”, Umar knows he is well placed to become a trusted business in an industry primed to help him forge a path to financial and personal success. 

“The transition from being in the hospitality industry to my new role as a Tezlom franchisee was incredibly smooth. No matter what, there are always people who are in need of high-quality care, so it’s a sector that’s primed to boom throughout 2023 and beyond – the financial opportunity was one that I couldn’t ignore. But having the chance to improve my community while transforming the lives of dedicated care workers is the greatest reward, and I know I’m well placed with Tezlom as a franchise that champions businesses driven by strong family values. #I’m very proud to have joined a franchise that gives me the chance to be a part of a growing and evolving industry,” explained Umar.

Tezlom has also launched franchises in Birmingham, Cheltenham and Canterbury ahead of its charge towards becoming the UK’s go-to healthcare recruitment agency. With 15 franchises around the United Kingdom, Tezlom has been a leading healthcare recruitment agency for 15 years, helping place passionate carers in roles that give them personal and financial rewards. For more information about Tezlom and the franchise opportunity that rewards you with personal satisfaction not found in any other industry, visit https://www.tezlomfranchising.com/

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Tezlom Healthcare Recruitment


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