Tezlom appoints Brand Manager and Mental Health Ambassador

Tezlom Healthcare Recruitment

With a staggering 74% of employees highlighting wellness strategies as one of the key elements to achieving job satisfaction1, it is becoming increasingly important for ethical franchise brands to establish a foundation of maintaining their teams’ wellbeing. As Tezlom accelerates its plans to become the UK’s leading healthcare recruitment franchise, it has welcomed Kay Lou Haskins, a recognised breath coach and cold-water therapist, to head office to support the network’s physical and mental health.

As the Brand Manager and Mental Health ambassador for the fast-growing recruitment franchise, Kay Lou’s role is to alleviate stress and anxiety within the network as franchisees step-up their operations and help place more care workers in vital roles around the UK. Having worked closely with The BFA at the Empowering Women in Business events and with other major brands, including multinational retailer Aldi, Kay Lou understands the demands that large scale corporations have on employees, including the intricacies of the franchise industry. Kay Lou’s expertise and passion will support Tezlom’s team to manage feelings of stress, anxiety, panic, overwhelm, and burnout and to nurture the franchise network towards gaining a healthier perspective on their daily habits and how they live.

Kay Lou is delighted to be joining a progressive franchise brand that understands the need for more wellbeing professionals to join the industry.

“I’m incredibly proud to have been welcomed into the Tezlom head office with such open arms,” said Kay Lou. “Having battled with my own mental health, I know how valuable breath work, cold water therapy and mindfulness practices can be to alleviate the strains, worries and pressures that can come naturally with important jobs and fast paced environments. Everyone deserves to have access to people that can support their mental health and wellbeing, so its testament to Tezlom that they recognised the importance of my role – especially as they grow and scale up their own operations. Tezlom’s values closely align with my own, so it feels amazing to be welcomed into a brand that, fundamentally, has caring at its core.”

Tezlom has been a leading healthcare recruitment agency for 15 years, helping place passionate carers in roles that give them personal and financial rewards, while leading the charge on positively reforming the care sector. With six core pillars of transparency, equality, zealous, loyalty, organic and motivation, Kay Lou’s appointment is an important step for Tezlom, a franchise that champions the importance of wellbeing in the workplace.

Founder and Managing Director, Ryan Armitage, believes this is the start of many franchise brands following suit and creating job opportunities for avid or enthusiastic wellbeing experts.

“We’re delighted to be welcoming Kay Lou to the Tezlom team, and we believe this an example of how the recruitment and franchise industries are evolving,” said Ryan. “We all know that working in the sector is high pressure and we can often lose sight of our own wellbeing, so having someone here that understands and relates with the brand and mission is incredibly positive. This is the start of a significant period for the recruitment and franchise industry, as other brands will begin to see the value Kay Lou brings to our entire operation.”

With 15 franchises around the United Kingdom, Tezlom helps place passionate carers in roles that give them personal and financial rewards. For more information about Tezlom and the franchise opportunity that rewards you with personal satisfaction not found in any other industry, visit https://www.tezlomfranchising.com/

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Tezlom Healthcare Recruitment


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