The Holiday Franchise Company Launches New Technology to Support Franchisees & Tour Operators

The Holiday Franchise Company

The Holiday Franchise Company identified an opportunity to streamline the process of turning around customer’s holiday quotes, to improve the speed on receiving and communicating prices.
Most of their network are new to the travel industry and there is a wealth of essential information they need to provide tour operators when placing their enquiry. If information is missed, this can result in multiple calls, at times long hold times, or multiple emails, especially in the current demand for travel.

Joanne Aldridge Head of Franchise said “Our Tour Operator partners are stretched coping with the bounce back demand of travel, we need to play our part to achieve our shared aim, of securing more sales. After speaking to Vishal Director of Travel Pack, we wanted to ensure our franchisees could showcase best practice, support our tour operators, increase speed to market to increase sales”.

To do this they created dynamic quote technology that prompts the agent to provide all the essential and varying information needed across every holiday type and enhancement, this then creates a PDF quote summary which is sent to Tour Operators. Not only does it help Tour Operators, it is also a training aid to ensure their franchisees are holding detailed consultations, to ensure they understand their customers exact needs. Vishal Director of Travel Pack said “I am incredibly impressed with the new system, the qualification of an enquiry is imperative and helps my team quote quickly and efficiently, this development will undoubtedly lead to improved conversions and improve the service offered by both the travel consultant and tour operators.”

Chris Storey Training Manager said “Our head office team are all travel professionals, we understand the tools needed to be successful, our focus is ensuring our franchisees have access to industry leading training & tools” Franchisee Natalie Woods of Sandal Woods Escapes said “I was super impressed on how comprehensive and intuitive it is. It’s almost another training tool in disguise. It is an invaluable prompt to ensure I am capturing all the information needed to truly understand my clients’ requirements. It will also enable me to provide accurate and thorough information to suppliers in a simple, structured, and speedy way. I can’t wait to start using it, it will make such a difference to how I work.”

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The Holiday Franchise Company

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