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At Tezlom, we regularly discuss our six core pillars of Transparency, Equality, Zealous, Loyalty, Organic and Motivation. And as we celebrate a period of significant growth and success, these pillars have never been more important to us in demonstrating to prospects, new franchisees and our existing franchise network that they are not just in our DNA – they are our DNA. With the Tezlom family continuing to provide incredible employment opportunities both in the franchise and healthcare sector, our mission is being affirmed by those recognising that while the service we provide is one thing, our values are truly what drives our brand forward. Coming to the end of Q1 in 2023 having seen incredible network growth, it is more important than ever for us to sustain the true meaning of Tezlom by encouraging additional training, innovation and success across our brand.

Nurturing growth across the network

With empathy and care being the beating heart of Tezlom, we are proud to be investing further in those who have invested in us. Put simply, we have been trailblazing in the recruitment industry since our inception in 2008. We are continuing to lay important foundations with new appointments and strategies to support the franchise network, which is improving wellbeing in the workplace and sustaining our rapid growth considerably. With every new appointment comes a new member of the family to adopt our passionate, zealous attitude. And by actively seeking opportunities to help and streamline our operation further, we are discovering more routes to franchisee and employee happiness every day. This approach has come at the perfect time as new franchises have launched in Birmingham, Cheltenham, Canterbury, Nottingham, Brighton & Bromley and Stratford & Romford this year alone.

Our new Brand Manager and Mental Health Ambassador, Kay Lou Haskins, has joined us to support us in this mission. A true advocate for our values, pillars and people, Kay Lou’s role is to help alleviate feelings of stress, anxiety, panic, overwhelm, and burnout and to nurture the franchise network towards gaining a healthier perspective on their daily habits and how they live. As we understand that we are all different and we require different things in order to succeed, Kay Lou will support us in continuing to provide close attention and care to our network. It is vital that we continue identifying ways to offer an environment that encourages growth and prosperity. And so, by empowering our staff, franchisees and candidates to overcome obstacles by motivating and supporting their own development, we are creating an environment that helps entrepreneurs accomplish their goals and truly make a difference. 

More growth means more opportunities

As we continue to celebrate growth by welcoming more people into Tezlom’s franchise family and head office, it has given us the exciting opportunity to learn and apply our diverse skillsets to gaining vital qualifications that will support the network moving forward. As two of our head office team embark on their professional development journey towards getting their Qualified Franchise Professional (QFP) status, Tezlom has never been more equipped to understand and navigate the complexities of, and best practice in franchising. Already starting the year being named as the UK’s best recruitment franchise on the prestigious Elite Franchise Top 100 table, we understand the importance of continuing on an upwards trajectory by showing prospects the support structure we have in place and continually endeavour to improve.

The first pillar we live by is Transparency. And by keeping our team involved with the development and direction of the brand to create a tight knit, integrated and harmonious workplace, we are future proofing our services even further with industry leading strategies and training.

New opportunities mean higher standards

We are incredibly proud to have instilled a culture of opportunity, loyalty and happiness having opened more doors for our devoted, expert head office team as we welcome more franchisees into the network. And with this approach, we continue to meet the highest possible industry standards and are delighted to announce we have achieved the prestigious Elite Audit Status by the Priory. The leading independent provider of mental healthcare and social care in the UK, the annual audit qualifies us as one of only five trusted agency suppliers to provide temporary nursing and care workers to its hospitals and other services across the UK.

The very fabric of Tezlom is built on family – this is a core value that we instil across the business. Our devotion to achieving higher standards by affirming our model and mission with training, audits and investment in our people means that from day one, we have built a truly industry leading culture.

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