The oldest or longest portrait photography company in the world?

Barrett & Coe Limited

Barrett & Coe can trace its history back to the 1850’s with family portraits taken in the same building in Norwich for more than 150 years, with Barrett & Coe’s founder Andrew Coe’s great grandfather starting here in 1863.

Andrew tells us: “At various times I ran a retail camera shop, a framing business, weddings and portraits, a one-hour mini-lab, and a pro colour lab. From 1990 to 2000 I became a portrait and wedding photographer using exactly the same studio that my Great Grandfather had used in 1863! During that 10-year period, the various businesses run from here exceeded £1 million in sales each year.

The most enjoyable time in my 60 years in photography was my 10 years as a portrait and wedding photographer. I was forced to sell the building in 1984 when my cousin was shot by the IRA but continued to lease it back until 2005. Portraits were first taken in this building in the 1850s.”

Follow this link to watch Andrew’s latest video on Instagram:

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Barrett & Coe Limited


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The oldest or longest photography company in the world?

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