Thinking About Becoming a Cat Sitter? Here’s What You Need to Know

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Everything you need to know when looking to become a cat sitter.


So, you’ve decided to become a cat sitter. It’s understandable if you’re a lover of cats – becoming a cat sitter is a great opportunity to get paid to spend time with them!

Unfortunately, it’s not all play time and cuddles. In fact, if you do happen to get it wrong, then your feline customer may have some complaints about the service!

You might wonder, what does it take to be a great cat sitter and what skills are required when caring for our feline friends?

There are a few things you need to know before you dive into your new venture. Let’s take a look at the below questions to ask yourself to make sure you have what it takes for the job:

Are You Experienced?

Cat sitters most often tend to be cat owners, but in some cases are die-hard cat fans who for any reason are unable to have a cat of their own, perhaps due to a partner with allergies or their living arrangements.

While it is not a requirement for you to have qualifications or any experience in cat sitting professionally to become a cat sitter, your customers will expect you to have had some experience in cat care.

This includes caring for a friend or relatives cat. So, before you look to become professional, consider offering your services to friends and family first. That way you can get some experience but also get a feel for what you will be doing.

Do You Have the Time?

A cat sitter can care for multiple cats at different addresses throughout the working day, and all cats require a visit at least once a day.

At these visits, a good sitter will see the cat’s needs are met by feeding, watering and letting them out if permitted, administering any medications, clearing up any mess – and that all important kitty fussing and play time.

If the pet owner has requested, you may also need to do security checks around the house such as turning lights on, opening and closing curtains and sorting out the bin collections.

Are You Flexible?

Being flexible and able to step in at very short notice is a huge benefit as a pet sitter.

Life happens, last minute, urgent and unavoidable events crop up and people need someone to look after their pet, that’s where their flexible cat sitter comes to the rescue.

Knowing what your schedule and availability looks like ensures you can work closely with your clients and their needs meaning are able to cat sit without much advance notice.

Are You Reliable, Responsible & Respectful?

Cat sitters are required to be reliable people to ensure that cat is cared for and to ensure the safety of the home. Whilst cat sitting you are entrusted with your client’s keys to their home and you are being trusted to lock up when you leave the premises. So, it is imperative that you are a trustworthy person.

You will be required to follow the house rules given to you by the pet owner, where the cats are allowed, if they can go outside or on the furniture. What they can eat, are they allowed treats, or on a special diet? Stick to these guidelines precisely.

The pet owner will also need to be updated with updates on kitty by sending videos and pictures of their feline friend having a great time, this ensure the owners a peace of mind knowing their precious cat is being cared for.

Can You Follow Instructions Precisely?

Research suggests that any changes to a cat’s routine can cause stress and as cats are creatures of routine, it is important their normal routine is stuck to.

Consistency is key for cats; visits should be scheduled and consistent from one day to the next.

You will also need to know certain things about the house and cat:

  • Does the cat’s medication pill need to be wrapped in something tasty?
  • Is there a specific way to unlock the door a lock code on the gate for the bins?
  • Do you know where all the food and supplies are kept?

All our Cat Butlers have a meeting with their clients before a sitting to go over all of this information. You will need to ensure you make a note and bring it with you to the visits!

Are You Familiar with Cat Behaviours

As with humans, some cats can be tricky customers and be hard to please.

When caring for animals it comes in handy to understand how they communicate their wants, needs, when and why they do certain things.

Would you know what to do when faced with a nervous kitty, or one that tries to escape every chance they get? Keep in mind that you are an intruder in their home, it may take some time for the cat to get used to you.

Are You a Cat Lover?

Being a cat lover, you will of course be better placed when it comes to caring for and giving the cat attention as we know cats have different personalities and preferences. A cat sitter is on hand to give out loving chin rubs, head and neck scratches and a lap cuddle.

Being a cat lover means you offer the cat genuine love able to bond with the cats easier. understand how cats behave and how to make their lives more comfortable over all.

Have you considered becoming a Cat Butler?

If you’re committed to a career in cat care and sitting, you may find that franchising and owning your own cat sitting business is the right path for you.

When choosing to join a franchise you gain the experience and guidance from a franchisor already successful in this business.

There are a great benefits to joining The Cat Butler franchise over going it alone:

  • Use of an established and reputable cat sitting brand
  • A ready made website for your franchise area optimised with local search engine.
  • Access to effective marketing collateral
  • An established system with tried and tested methods and processes
  • Become a cat expert, just like us, with full training and support
  • Support to source finance as part of a franchise system

For more information on our opportunity, see our previous post – Start-up on your own or invest in a franchise?

With immediate access to everything you need to start and run your own successful Cat Butler business, plus ongoing support throughout your business journey, The Cat Butler franchise option offers exceptional value to ambitious individuals.

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