Transforming businesses in your community whilst building your own profitable business with ActionCOACH


Martin Baillie has been an ActionCOACH franchise partner since 2020, supporting his clients on their business growth journeys. Bringing leadership and management expertise from a variety of roles in large corporates and SMEs, he committed to creating more than 1,000 new jobs across East Anglia through his coaching of local business owners.

Just six months after launching ActionCOACH Bury St Edmunds, Martin met Trevor Edwards. Before ActionCOACH, Trevor’s home improvement business, T Edwards Home Solutions, had reached its peak.

“I had reached a point where I could do no more. I was still on the tools and I couldn’t work out my next route forward. At the time, I was working on a month-by-month basis, and I couldn’t work out how to get past this stage of my business development,” said Trevor. 

Knocking down your business limitations

“Through his expertise and support, Martin has pushed me to develop from a tradesman to a businessman. We also hired two new team members and a bookkeeper which meant I could begin moving away from the tools and administrative side of the business. I started to believe I could guide the business rather than being trapped in it.

“After being with ActionCOACH for one year, my diary was not only full, but it was also full of non-tool work. With the new staff in place, my son has now taken over the site management duties as I transition to running the company. This would never have been possible if we hadn’t put the right systems and structures in place – we saw an increase in turnover of 38%. Moving our systems online resulted in invoices being paid on time, and this meant we had a far greater cash flow.”

Renovation, renovation, renovation

“I really want to carry on expanding and growing the business. I now see my Action Coach as an invaluable member of the team, and I wouldn’t want to take any steps without him. We’re aiming for 30% growth this year and, with ActionCOACH’s support, I know this is possible.

“I’m no longer on the tools, uncertain of what each month holds. Instead, I’m leading the business forwards. I have the weekends to myself, and I know that the business will one day be able to run without me. I can’t see why you wouldn’t benefit from ActionCOACH. The proof is in the pudding – I’m not the only one who has benefited from their expertise, so has my family and the people we employ.”

The coach perspective

As a franchise partner with ActionCOACH, Martin has a career he is passionate about, supporting clients to create a business delivering financial and personal freedom.

“When I met Trevor, he was like many business owners who had reached their peak. He was stood at a crossroads, and he wasn’t sure where to go. It wasn’t from lack of trying but, in fact, he was lacking the know-how and support to push his business to the next level. To see this transformation so quickly is a brilliant accomplishment.”

If you want to build a business with scalability and longevity, make a difference in your local community and you’re the kind of person who:

A) loves learning and developing yourself;

B) has enjoyed success in your career or sport; and

C) is willing to invest if you see substantial rewards can be made…

…then find out more by getting in touch today.



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