Tutor Doctor launches in East Grinstead and South Redhill to help unlock children’s potential

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2023 has been a year for prospective franchisees to take back control of their professional lives, launching exciting franchise opportunities that are driven by truly making a difference in their local areas. Munmun Goswami, the new franchisee of Tutor Doctor East Grinstead and South Redhill, is no exception. In a career move driven by helping children ‘understand their potential where it truly matters’, the marketing and data analyst turned education specialist has launched her new business venture inspired by the prospect of igniting a spark and a love of learning in children.

Having worked closely with major corporations such as Lloyds Bank, Munmun hopes to transfer her passion for solving problems into her new role as she aims to raise the standards of education provision in her territory. As her values are closely aligned with the reward of instilling confidence, she hopes her new franchise will enable children to freely express themselves in a supportive, personalised environment.

“I’m delighted to be establishing Tutor Doctor in order to address the ongoing need for bespoke, personalised learning experiences,” explained Munmun. “I believe there is such an exciting opportunity with Tutor Doctor to become a trusted, supplementary education provider. Tutor Doctor’s values align with my own – it’s the only education franchise that truly understands that successful education experiences are achieved by nurturing children’s individual passions.

“I can’t wait to use Tutor Doctor’s tried and tested programmes to give students the extra boost they need to reap the benefits of academic success. It’s incredible to see children learn instruments or play sports simply to pursue what they love – as a franchisee, I’ll be able to use Tutor Doctor’s industry leading resources to project that attitude across their whole education experiences.”

Tutor Doctor has been an instrumental service provider in helping put education on a positive course as catching up remains a key focus in the UK. With first-hand experience as a private tutor, Munmun sees the incredible value personalised education experiences can have, aiming to grow and evolve her franchise with the needs of students in her territory. And with Tutor Doctor continuing to develop their resources to help franchisees nurture children’s passions and executive function skills, Munmun understands the importance of representing a franchise devoted to trailblazing in education franchising.

“Tutor Doctor doesn’t just provide supplementary education. The business has been built with the understanding that a one-size-fits-all approach is outdated and simply doesn’t work. Every child is so unique and learns so differently – Tutor Doctor champions individuality and works with children so they have all the resources they need to enjoy learning. What’s better, we have the exact same experience as franchisees – our goals and ambitions as entrepreneurs are completely tailored and personalised.

“Having weighed up my options of starting my own business against joining an established franchise, it was no competition. And when Tutor Doctor emerged as the best opportunity, I immediately saw how the model works and supports franchisees in their own journeys,” added Munmun.

A global franchisor with 750 franchise units operating in 16 countries, Tutor Doctor has been the leading education franchise in the UK since launching here in 2009. Today 84 franchisees support children nationwide to achieve their potential. For more information about the franchise opportunity that rewards you with an outstanding level of personal satisfaction and a business with longevity, visit: http://www.tutordoctoropportunity.com/uk-main

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