Veteran of the care profession launches first Visiting Angels franchise in Scotland

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Having been a carer since he was 16 and working his way up to being a band seven nurse during his 26 years with the NHS, this month Georg Gottschlich has set out on his new mission of raising the standards of the care industry in the Renfrewshire and Inverclyde communities. This month, Georg has launched the first Visiting Angels franchise to be based in Scotland. Visiting Angels is a care provider that cares for people in the comfort of their own homes, and Georg feels well equipped to not only meet the growing demands for exceptional and consistent care delivery in the area, but to reward carers for their ongoing commitment and sacrifice to the industry. With the care franchise expanding north of the border for the first time, Visiting Angels’ takes its mission to become the go-to employer for carers in the UK further than ever before.

Having begun his career in care at such a young age, working closely with children with special needs, Georg has experienced the trials and tribulations that carers go through on a daily basis. And having progressed to management level throughout his time in the NHS, he has seen how important it is for the industry’s dedicated carers to not only be cared for themselves but celebrated for their commitment. Georg is now relishing the chance to deliver his own ethos of “home is where the care is” with a franchise that sets the high standards he hopes all organisations in the sector will follow.

“Growing up in an environment that showed me the intricacies of the care sector and having gone onto work in the industry, I now feel compelled to make a difference and to have a positive influence on the standards of care delivery in the area,” explained Georg. “After 26 years in the NHS, I’ve been able to see how much pressure the industry is under and how, as a result, those in need might have been neglected by carers who feel undervalued and mistreated themselves. My passion in this area of the sector was ignited when a member of my family became unwell during COVID, and I was able to see how important high-quality in-home care is and how beneficial it can be for people in need.

“First and foremost, I’m not just a business owner. I’m bringing the first Visiting Angels to Scotland so I can look after my carers, pay them fairly, and make sure they get the credit they deserve. Care is all I know, and I hope my compassion and passion for what we do at Visiting Angels will project across the area to help improve people’s experiences – both care givers and clients alike.”

Visiting Angels’ ‘carer-centric’ approach sets it apart from other companies in the in-home care sector. Through both financial rewards, opportunities for career development and wellbeing considered a priority, franchisees are joining Visiting Angels determined to address existing issues surrounding the industry, which often leaves carers feeling underappreciated. These, combined with policies such as minimum one-hour visits to those in need of their services, are just a few of the changes Visiting Angels is making that sets them apart from other care providers in the country.

With the aim of becoming the go-to employer for carers in the area, Georg hopes to build a team that shares his vision of delivering care, setting a precedent and truly making a difference for those who need attentive and high-quality care. Visiting Angels is committed to making the changes necessary that will address ongoing issues within the sector such as poor pay terms whilst heightening the wellbeing of staff as much as clients.  

“I’m incredibly proud to be launching the first Visiting Angels business in Scotland. Since launching, I’ve also been able how important an organisation that puts its carers first is to those in the profession, as I’ve already had more than 30 applicants! I’m hoping to grow at a rate that will give plenty of employment opportunities to carers in the area. I doubt it will be long before we have more franchisees launching in Scotland once people recognise the great work Visiting Angels do in a community.”

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Visiting Angels Living Assistance

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