Visiting Angels appoints new Head of Franchising taking UK in-home care provision to new heights

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Visiting Angels has committed to rewarding their carers fairly which, in turn, leads to a high-quality client service. Being carer-centric includes supporting carers to reach their full potential with well-defined career progression pathways. With extraordinarily high staff retention rates in an industry with a particularly poor record in general thanks to this approach, it’s no surprise to see the appointment of their latest leadership role go to someone who started their career as a care worker herself. Bella Hallam, previously Visiting Angels’ Area Development Manager for the South of the UK, takes up the role of Head of Franchising from the 1st August, as the brand primes itself for further expansion.

The youngest member of the management team, Bella’s new position will enable her to use her wealth of experience – both in domiciliary care and nursing – to further embed the country’s first carer-centric in-home care franchise. Growing to 49 offices under Managing Director Dan Archer, Visiting Angels’ mission of redefining what it means to be a care worker in society is set to continue its positive trajectory with Bella’s appointment.

As Head of Franchising, Bella will continue to support existing franchisees and their teams, including those looking to invest in additional territories. She also intends to bring her creativity to the role to build on Visiting Angels’ already solid reputation, along with focusing on how best to recruit and support new franchisees. Bella has been passionate about Visiting Angels’ carer-centric approach since joining the team and has already made a valuable contribution to the ongoing development of the network.

“I’m genuinely over the moon to be stepping into this new role,” said Bella. “It’s a real ‘pinch me’ moment! This was always somewhere I wanted to get to later on in my career, but to be here already at 31 makes me feel even more proud of how far I’ve come. While the care sector is typically female-dominated, there’s actually a lack of women in leadership positions in the industry, particularly in terms of franchising. It feels even more rewarding that I can step into this role as a young woman and bring another valuable female perspective. I’m so grateful for the support I’ve received from Dan over the years, and I can’t wait to see how much further we can take this business as a team.”

Bella’s rise through the ranks at Visiting Angels is indicative of her incredible journey within the care sector. Starting her career as a carer, Bella worked her way up to a position in cosmetic management, before moving into private care enabling her to spend more time with her family – including her son who has special educational needs. Now, as this move continues to accelerate Bella’s career aspirations, she can fully focus her efforts on nurturing a brand that has already given so much to her personal and professional life – something she originally believed would take her at least 20 more years.

“I didn’t come into business management in the most conventional way,” added Bella. “I’ve never been massively academic, but once I decided I wanted to work in the care industry, I’ve been committed to providing high-quality in-home care. I wanted to show my children that anyone – even if they’re ‘just a carer’ as I’ve been told before – can reach the position that I’m in today.”

Visiting Angels’ carer-centric approach sets it apart from other companies in the in-home care sector. Carers working for Visiting Angels feel valued and respected for their commitment to the industry. Through financial rewards, opportunities for career development and wellbeing considered a priority, Visiting Angels is committed to addressing issues surrounding the industry, issues which often leave carers feeling underappreciated and undervalued. At Visiting Angels, carers are shown a clear career path and given regular opportunities for professional development. Identifying and nurturing talent and empowering individuals to push themselves to take new roles makes up a huge part of what makes the Visiting Angels team such a huge success.

“I can’t think of anyone more deserving of this role than Bella,” said Dan. “Her experience in care has been invaluable since she joined the brand, but what she’s learned in franchise recruitment while mentoring and developing existing teams has contributed immeasurably to our success. I know it’s not just me who sees her talent either; the franchisees she works with repeatedly express how grateful they are for the care and support she gives to every single one of them. She approaches any role with empathy, care and personability – we are very lucky to have her. I can’t wait to see what amazing things she does in her new role.”


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