Walfinch Oxford Delivers Bunches of Love for Mothers’ Day


Walfinch home care Oxford has been spreading the love by giving care clients bouquets of daffodils for Mother’s Day.
Kam Gill, Franchisee and Managing Director of Walfinch Oxfordshire, says: “At Walfinch we love flowers, and so do our clients. In the language of flowers, daffodils mean energy, resilience, creativity and vitality, and clients told us that they were a real tonic. The daffodils immediately brought Spring right into their homes.”
The flowers were arranged with some greenery to make a small bouquet. Carers presented them to clients and helped arrange them in vases.
The flowers were a source of delight for Walfinch’s home carers as well as clients.
Walfinch Oxford Senior Carer and Activities Coordinator Hannah Tomlin says: “It was wonderful to see the delight and surprise on clients’ faces when we presented them with the daffodils. Mother’s Day celebrates the caring relationship between mums and children, but also the relationship between carers and their clients.
“I delivered some flowers with my Walfinch colleague Rita Hooper, who said it reminded her of the love she had for her own mum, back in her native Bali. One of the lovely things about being a home carer is the feeling that you have lots of ‘grannies’!”
Flowers for International Women’s Day
Walfinch Oxford is also taking bunches of love to the whole community. Hannah, who runs a regular local art and craft class*, encouraged attendees to make posies of tulips, roses and carnations, which were left in community spaces to celebrate International Women’s Day on Friday 8th March.
“It’s a way to extend the celebration of women’s role to those who have no children, or people who have lost their mum,” says Hannah. “We left the posies on benches in front of health and community centres, so anyone could pick them up and take them home to appreciate. I hope a few men picked them up too!
“We included a message explaining that they are celebrating International Women’s Day, and inviting people to contact us on social media to explain where the flowers got to. It’s a random act of kindness, but it also lets local people of all ages know that if they need any care services now or in the future, Walfinch is here to help them.”
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