When changing directions gives life a new meaning


Silvana’s story of changing careers is a positive outlook on how we can grow and expand as individuals. Are you ready to take that leap into the unknown?

Have you ever felt stuck in a career you knew wasn’t right for you? Do you dream of one day taking those steps to achieving financial freedom? Silvana Kopani, who joined The Grooming Company Holdings (TGCH) in 2020 tells us how she took a risk to create a life filled with ambition, joy and self-driven solo adventures.

Originally working in the jewelry industry, Silvana always had a passion for beauty and nails. “I worked in a family business in London,” Silvana explains. “I was in a fortunate position to learn and understand every aspect of the business. But it was only a small shop. This is where I gained a profound appreciation and passion for customer service as well as an understanding of how the business process work.” However, not feeling overly excited about her role, Silvana was eager to start a career in beauty and set-up her own business.

Having attended beauty courses to enhance her skills, Silvana used her qualifications to connect with a colleague who opened a luxury Nail Boutique in Mayfair. She settled in the role for around six years, gaining insight into strategic business growth, and challenges within the industry. However, she still felt something was missing, so reached out to N.Bar’s Head of Global franchising, Sepi Saldjoughi. “Sepi and I knew each other, so she introduced me to TGCH in response to a role they wanted to fill. My experiences of helping businesses grow suited what they needed to do with N.Bar. And, working with franchisees, as they grow to succeed sounded like my perfect fit – it felt like what was missing.”

What support does Silvana offer to franchisees?

When you invest in your own N.Bar franchise, you join a brand which offers outstanding support geared to your success. “I love how supportive the culture is, at N.Bar… at all levels! As part of the Head Office Support, we really focus on our care for franchisees, dealing with them personally according to their individual needs, goals, and challenges. This gives Franchise Partners greater flexibility around how they grow their business.”

As Operations Manager in Franchising, Silvana aims to understand and cater to the specific needs and challenges faced by franchisees. But, the real excitement happens as you mature, when the Franchise Support Team dives deeper – using their insight in order to move your business to the next level. “As a team, we’re always there for you, but what we do best is to look with you at the steps needed for consistent growth. We understand how crucial this is, so commit to using our insight and experiences to explore with you the necessary steps to achieve it. We’ll look at all aspects of your business: Marketing, operations, when to increase staff to reach headcount goals, and financial management like assessing your spend to maximize your business revenue.”  

Silvana’s passion for how ‘bespoke’ the N.Bar culture and attitudes are to people in the franchise, is what makes her the perfect person to walk alongside you, as you learn how to succeed with N.Bar. She offers personalised support to you and your staff team, in collaboration with you; an invaluable tool for growth and development. You’ll have the freedom to grow your businesses in the way you desire, with the guidance of N.Bar’s professional network. “We work with each franchisees’ personality, especially at key moments on their business journey; all our partners have a different vision they’re aiming for.”

What is there to love about N.Bar?

What’s NOT to love! When it comes to finding the right business to invest in, the passion of those already involved, often informs our decision-making process. And Silvana, like Leila, Sepi and Jody, genuinely loves the brand. “I adore the culture of N.Bar, and their strong leadership. We genuinely care about our franchisees, which is why I love my job and plan to open my own N.Bar franchise some time. N.Bar gives me complete job satisfaction – as it does our franchise partners. The support you’ll receive gives you the freedom to grow your business, based on our professional expertise. Not only is this good for your trade, but for your financial and mental health too!”

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