Why Blossom Home Care is the ultimate recession-proof business

Blossom Home Care

It’s no secret that we are living in turbulent economic times.

As the UK lurches towards recession and the cost of living continues to bite, businesses of all shapes and sizes across many industries are feeling the effects. Unfortunately for many this will result in uncertain employment, redundancy, or even being forced to close their own businesses.

However, there is a ready-made solution for those seeking genuine security in their future prosperity: owning a Blossom Home Care franchise.

Since our establishment in 2015, we have meticulously cultivated a winning formula for franchisees looking to start their own home care business. The result is a tried and trusted business model that is highly profitable, exceptionally easy to run, and provides communities with the premium quality care so desperately needed.

It’s a model that has also been carefully designed to withstand any economic downturns, enabling franchisees to look forward to the future with much needed confidence. Here’s why…

Affluent client backgrounds

Given the premium nature of our business, the vast majority of Blossom Home Care clients have been able to set aside the necessary funding for their later life care in advance. As a result, our mainly private client base are not affected by wider economic activity and are solely focused on simply receiving the best care possible – in other words, the Blossom Home Care difference.

“We always seek ongoing advice from world-class experts,” explains Blossom Home Care co-founder John Leggott. “So when it became clear a recession was looming, we discussed how we could strategise our business accordingly.

“It was clear that our business would not be impacted, as our clients over the age of 65 are from A/B demographics and have the funds available to draw from in order to pay for their care.”

An ageing population

In England, there are currently almost 11 million people aged 65 or over – 19% of the total population. In 10 years’ time, this is expected to increase to almost 13 million people, or 22% of the population.

It’s a matter of fact that more and more care services will be required as the nation ages, and Blossom Home Care franchisees will be there to provide it.

A constant demand for quality care

As a result of this changing demographic, our tailored holistic home care services are in constant demand from clients across all franchise territories.

We’re a premium brand at the top of the market, serving clients who travel first-class through life and are happy to pay for it. Potential clients are always seeking a local, reputable care company they can place their complete trust in, and they can’t get enough of us.

We have been built on the foundations of resilience and longevity, as John Leggott explains: “Blossom as a brand thrives under pressure. During lockdown, Blossom offices enjoyed the best trading years and profit margins they’ve ever had.”

Increased carer recruitment

A care industry-specific effect of economic downturns and recessions is how it drives recruitment for people looking to enter the sector. This increased pool of high-quality candidates looking to join Blossom as carers enables franchisees to expand their client list; more carers means being able to accept more work.

“Squeezes on the economy helps Blossom grow and develop,” says John. “It enables us to employ good people from other sectors when they are forced to make redundancies.”

We provide you with all the tools you need

As a Blossom Home Care franchisee, you will have our support to build a strong client base in a territory of your choice large enough to support up to three offices. You don’t need any specific care sector experience to become a franchisee – we provide you with all the tools and knowledge you need – but you do need a youthful approach and can-do attitude.

We’ll help you find your funding, support you through your CQC assessment, let you carry on in your existing job until the day you start, and be on hand 24 hours a day with advice on any aspect of care or the business. As a multi award-winning family firm recognised within the industry for exemplary leadership and innovation, you can rest assured you’re in the very best of hands.

All of that adds up to a very lucrative proposition for the right person. Could that be you?

How can I become a Blossom Home Care franchisee?

If you want to find out more about joining the Blossom Home Care family, get in touch with us today using the contact form on our website. A member of our team will then contact you to discuss the opportunity in greater detail.

As well as gaining the benefit of our immense level of support and expertise, you will be joining a nationally recognised, award-winning company. In doing so, you will become the owner of a highly lucrative, easy-to-run business that will help the local community by changing the face of care in the home.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

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