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Tezlom Healthcare Recruitment

Are you driven to make money and achieve financial freedom? Or are you looking for a business which has the power to change people’s lives and do good? We believe you shouldn’t have to choose. And that’s why our franchisees do it all.

“I’m driven to make a difference – to my customers, my care staff, my team and my family. What we do changes lives. It’s one thing to set bold targets, it’s another to achieve them. We doubled the size of our business in year two and tripled it in year three. If the last 12 months are anything to go by, 2023 is going to be even more remarkable. You really can do it all!”

Carol Fitzpatrick, franchisee, Central Scotland.

Founded in 2008, Tezlom was once a small, family-run business. Through tenacity, investment and a genuine love for what we do, we’ve grown to become a UK-leading healthcare recruitment agency and franchise brand of choice. We welcome ambitious, caring professionals who are committed to building a profitable business that supports their local communities in a big way. Sound like you?


How Tezlom franchisees thrive:

  • Benefit from decades of experience from the best team in the business
  • Enjoy a reputation that precedes the brand across the country
  • Follow a proven, profitable business model in an ever-growing market
  • Step into a turn-key business, with clients and staff from day one
  • Become part of a culture like no other – we’re a close-knit community who genuinely care about each other.

We’ve maintained our family values and personal touch whilst carving out a new and, we believe, better approach to recruitment. This means that our franchisees achieve impressive, six-figure turnovers, fast. Capitalising on market demand whilst never compromising on our beliefs. We put people first, take care of each other and run incredibly successful businesses as a result.

No surprise then, that in the latest Workbuzz survey, 100% of franchisees said they’re “fully satisfied with the support they receive” from us, “feel proud” of their business, and “would recommend Tezlom for business ownership”.

How would you like to make a profit whilst you make a difference? Now that’s exciting. That’s Tezlom.

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Tezlom Healthcare Recruitment


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