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One Stop improves with a full fresh review

One Stop improves with a full fresh review

One Stop stores across the UK have undergone a refresh, completely updating fresh point of sale (POS) and, for the first time ever, products will be based on each store’s own demographics with a number of new products now being stocked. One Stop wanted to ensure that they’re providing more variety for their customers which is why they’ve introduced new lines to their stores.

In an ever-changing market, One Stop has recognised that not all of its stores are the same so, using advanced data analysis, the new tailored approach means products will be better suited to the customer, also reducing unnecessary waste with chilled or fresh products not selling and going out of date. The move also helps with costs, the less wastage there is in stores, the more profit will be made.

A number of new lines have been added including Alpro almond milk, Cravendale filtered milks, fresh avocados, raspberries and GU lemon cheesecake. One Stop has responded to customers who want products that include dairy alternatives, fresher food for healthier living, whilst still enjoying some premium treats at the same time. And to offer a wider range of snacking options for kids such, they have introduced products, such as Attack a Snack, Muller Corn Crunch and cheese strings!

The stores have showcased the new products and strategy with a completely updated POS, featuring modern grey shelf stripping throughout chilled and produce, an exciting new design for the food to go meal deal proposition and new navigation, across its 900 convenience stores.

Sam Watkins, Head of Product at One Stop explains the rationale behind the changes: “We work incredibly hard to make sure that we’re responding to all of our customer’s needs, which regularly change and has been particularly felt in the past 18 months.

“Creating a tailored approach for each allows us to maximise fresh sales and minimise waste in store, whilst offering customers exactly what they want across our portfolio of stores.

“This evolution – particularly in our fresh and chilled range – follows extensive research into what our customers want, which signals a growth in these areas and a demand for products which are healthier and readily available. Growing these sections and targeting stores in the way we have become a key part in our long-term business plan and the launch of the new product range and POS modernisation is our first step on that journey.”

Recognising the ‘one size not fitting all’ is a simple concept in theory, offering powerful business growth for One Stop’s franchise and core stores. However, One Stop has worked hard to build the infrastructure around how it has made these changes possible. Considerations such as location, size and sales can all impact the amount of fresh food that can realistically be sold in a store. In turn this affects what is stocked, the promotions offered. Taking everything into account, One Stop has developed a system to sub divide requirements of stores based on the following:

Lucy Broome, Head of Retail comments: “Getting the fresh offer right, every day in every store takes a lot of work. The chilled section is possibly the hardest area of the store to get right. However, this is an exciting time for us at One Stop as we take another decisive move to get the right products in the hands of our customers.”

So, have One Stop got things right? On the ground, Dan Amin franchisee from One Stop in Bromwich explains: “The changes have been really well received in store and we’re getting lots of positive feedback. Customers can see the new range of products easily and the new POS gives the store a sophisticated look, that gives it a brighter feel inside. It gives a better-quality look to the products, whilst offering the same great prices which One Stop is known for.

“In these current times I think customers want quality of products, alongside a strong look and feel of where they shop. As a franchisee I’m really pleased with the new changes and my customers are telling me things are clearer, there is more for them to buy, and I can already see it’s helping grow my business under the One Stop franchise.”

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