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One Stop’s Franchise Action Line

One Stop’s Franchise Action Line

One Stop launched its Franchise Action Line last year. Managed by a dedicated team of support advisors who are easy to reach for busy franchise retailers, the action line also provides a more effective way to gather store feedback and proactively respond to retailer’s needs.

Why was the action line introduced?

One Stop wanted to create an improved service for their franchise stores by being able to answer their queries more efficiently. The franchise action line team provides excellent customer care with knowledge and skills that are focused on the topics that franchise stores encounter as they manage their day-to-day business.

The team are the first contact point for calls and emails from stores to support their business growth. They respond quickly to make sure stores and support teams have everything they need to work successfully. This also means stores have one single contact within One Stop for their queries which are handled centrally and can be tracked to update the franchisee on the progress.

What does a typical day with the team look like?

Kate Lawton, Franchise Helpdesk Advisor, says “No day is the same in the franchise action line team. We are one of the first point of calls for franchisees, so we always make sure that we’re readily available for them. We answer queries such as products needing to be added to an order, any queries around in-store apps and so much more.”

“We have introduced ‘Care Calls’, which is a service that we provide to our new stores once they have completed their training with their Launch Support Manager. The franchise action line team conduct these care calls for stores within the first two weeks of being open, this gives the store the opportunity to ask for any additional guidance and build relationships with the One Stop team.” – Natasha Ashley, Support and Communications manager.

Care calls were introduced to allow the team to get to know franchisees and vice versa. They’re there to make sure the store is comfortable with any training they have received or if they require any additional support. The calls support franchisees as they adapt to One Stop’s processes and systems. After the care call, the team can then feedback to the Business Development Managers on anything that the store needs.

“The franchise action line team are great; they always go that extra mile for you. Any issues that we have whether it be missed deliveries, software updates or forgetting items on a delivery, the team are always so quick to resolve it.”  Baljinder Kaur, Five Oaks Green

“The franchise action line has made a huge difference with our store. We feel so much more supported now that this has been introduced as no issue is too small. The team are an asset to the business and help us with so many everyday needs. One of the things I love most about it is that even if they can’t help with an issue, they’ll speak with other members of the business and either put us in touch with the right people or provide us with the information we need.” – Gavin, Northways, Dudley

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