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Oven Wizards magical year!

Oven Wizards announce their magical year in 2017 for business growth.

Business growth was up 16% in the last year, 2017, in terms of the numbers of ovens being cleaned by Oven Wizards Franchisees.

All Wizards who were due to renew their agreements in 2017 did so and there were plenty of new Wizards joining the community, from Ayr in the North to the New Forest in the South.

Warwick Bean, Oven Wizards Isle of Wight said “2017 was a good year for OW Isle of Wight, a significant increase on my first year”.

David Wilkin, Oven Wizards Norwich said, “My Oven Wizards business is always growing and I’m still loving it. I feel very confident 2018 will be a very good year, so far so good, the numbers of bookings have gone mad, I am booked up a month in advance.”

Mark Abbott, Managing Director said, ”2017 was another great year for Oven Wizards, building on the success of the previous few years. Our first two new Wizards in 2018 are ladies which is great. We are thoroughly enjoying sharing our business ethos with all our franchisees and it is great to see them doing so well in their own territories.”

Dele Aboderin, who has taken the West Gloucestershire Territory said “My initial dealings with Oven Wizards have been comprehensive and informative, I received a good overview of the opportunity and enough information to make an informed decision. I’m really pleased I made the decision to join and I’m now looking forward to launching and building my new business.”

Rob Radford who became the 50th Wizard in 2017 said “My experience so far is that what John and Mark described when I first met them is the absolute reality of what you get when you buy an Oven Wizards Franchise. I feel there is plenty of business to be had. I am finding it very satisfying in terms of the customer’s reaction to the results I can achieve on their ovens and challenging in terms of each job being different. I am enjoying being out and about and managing my own time as well as juggling the various aspects of being self- employed.” 

David Wilkin, from Oven Wizards Norwich
David Wilkin, from Oven Wizards Norwich

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