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PACK & SEND joins call for logistics sector to reduce carbon footprint

PACK & SEND joins call for logistics sector to reduce carbon footprint

Franchise business PACK & SEND is calling for online retailers to follow in their footsteps and reduce the £40m spent on unnecessary packaging every year, which causes 85,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions due to wasted journeys.

Packaging company DS Smith found that too many shippers use cardboard boxes significantly bigger than the products inside them, leading to five million cubic metres of air getting shipped every year, equivalent to 34,000 Olympic swimming pools. Nearly half of people are frustrated with packaging not being tailored to the product that needs shipping, with DS Smith particularly citing young people as those calling for a change.

As a logistics company that packages and ships any item regardless of size, shape and fragility, PACK & SEND echoes this desire for change, and recommends people turn to packaging specialists to overcome this problem. It has expert packers who make sure shipments are safe for delivery and go to anywhere in the world.

Mike Ryan, CEO of PACK & SEND, says: “Clearly, there aren’t enough logistics companies that tailor packaging for individual products to reduce packaging and ultimately cut the number of trips carrying shipments. Consumers need to know that there are companies out there that are environmentally aware and use minimal materials yet get items from A to B safely.

“It’s fantastic to see people putting pressure on the logistics sector to minimise waste and journeys. I’m excited to see a future where people continue receiving items via delivery in an environmentally friendly way.”

PACK & SEND service centres pack and ship everything from small personal items to regular business requirements to fragile, large, awkward and valuable items across the UK and worldwide. 

PACK & SEND recently took its tally of service centres to 20, with people across the UK enjoying the success of a roaring franchise.

To find out more about Pack & Send and their franchise opportunity, please call 0118 958 4628 or visit https://www.packsend.co.uk/uk-franchise-opportunities/

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