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How To Market Your Franchise & Recruit For Network Growth QFP 

Workshop Outline 

  • Build your fundamental understanding of best-practice recruitment processes 
  • Gain insight into franchisee concerns and what they are looking for
    in a business 
  • Understand the components of a franchise offer, and how to improve
    the offer 
  • Identify improvements in recruitment promotions 
  • Common recruitment mistakes and how to avoid them 

Why should you attend this course? 

Recruiting the right franchisees in the right manner is a critical factor in the successful growth and long-term sustainability of franchise brands. Recruiting franchisees is often quoted as the most difficult aspect of franchising. Finding the right franchisees in the right place at the right time is hard enough for any system. 

How to Understand Franchisees’ Financial Performance QFP 

Workshop Outline 

  • Examine the makeup of the cash flow forecast, profit and loss account and
    balance sheet 
  • Understand how to prepare a profit and loss account from a trial balance 
  • How to use key ratios, trend & comparison analysis to review accounts &
    identify areas for improvement 
  • Introduction to a range of basic accounting principles & techniques 
  • Apply learning in practical case studies by examining two sets of franchisee
    accounts, identifying red flag areas and reviewing how these can be questioned
    to potentially improve performance 

Why should you attend this course? 

This course will give you a practical understanding of business finance and accounts, and how this should be applied to the monitoring of a franchise network. Finances can provide a wealth of information about a franchisee’s business and their performance but are often overlooked by franchisors due to lack of time or understanding. This course will give you the skills needed to understand and analyse accounts in an efficient way to boost the performance of your network 

How to Monitor Franchisee Performance QFP 

Workshop Outline 

  • Why it is important to maintain standards within the franchise network 
  • Skills needed to develop or enhance a robust framework for monitoring the
    performance of franchisees 
  • Understand the role of monitoring performance and what the consequences
    of not doing so might be for both the brand and business, the customers and
    the other franchisees of the brand 
  • Key areas to monitor to avoid such damage in the first place and how these

Why should you attend this course? 

Underperforming franchisees can damage the brand, drain support resource and erode the value of their own businesses. Identifying the symptoms and causes of underperformance at the earliest possible opportunity, and applying the correct intervention strategies and tactics, can preserve and grow a franchisee’s equity, as well as reduce risks to the franchisor and the rest of the network. 

How to Motivate Franchisees QFP 

Workshop Outline 

  • Understand the value of franchisees setting both personal and business goals
    to guide and inspire their activities 
  • The ‘life cycle’ of a franchisee & the different motivational approaches that will
    be needed at each stage 
  • Theories of motivation and the franchisor’s role in using leadership skills to
    motivate franchisees 
  • Various recognition and reward strategies needed to help franchisees achieve
    their view of success 
  • Evaluate your own personal leadership style and consider how other styles
    may be more effective under certain circumstances 
  • The importance of identifying and sharing goals within the support staff
    structure and how they can support individual franchisees to achieve goal 

Why should you attend this course? 

This course will give participants an enhanced appreciation and better understanding of why it is imperative to motivate and inspire franchisees. One of the most important functions of franchisee management is to create willingness amongst the franchisees to perform to the best of their abilities. 


7th -8th February – COHORT 7 How to Understand Franchisees’ Financial Performance – 500 QFP points 

13th -14th March – COHORT 7 How to Market for Network Growth – 500 QFP points 

18th April – COHORT 7 How to Motivate Franchisees – 250 QFP points  

9th May – COHORT 7 How to Monitor Franchisee Performance – 250 QFP points 

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