Do you want to know how to 
effectively manage the renewal process?
identify what a great renewal process looks like?
if franchisees should have refresher training on renewal?
identify when renewal should not be an option?
ensure the right legal support for renewals?

How to Hub 18th June (Manchester)

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How to ‘renew’ your renewal process?

This is your opportunity to be part of the discussion and question session with a franchisor who has ‘been there and done that’ with great results.

  • What does a successful process look like?
  • What is your process?
  • What are the practicalities around managing a renewal?
  • Legal support
  • When should you start ‘renewal’ discussions?
  • Should franchisees have refresher training?
  • When is renewal not at option?

You will leave this event with improved knowledge of the end to end renewals process. When to start it? potential pit falls and how to avoid them, and of course ensure a seamless renewal when and where possible.

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