Do you want to know how to 
select your franchise advisory council?
get the balance right with your council?
decide on your participants and areas of responsibility?
govern your franchise advisery council effectively?

How to Hub 7th May (Birmingham)

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How to create and drive franchise advisory councils

This is your opportunity to be part of the discussion and question session with a franchisor who has ‘been there and done that’ with great results.

  • How do you select your FAC? Appointed, voted in or self-selected?
  • Should the Franchisor be involved? To what degree?
  • What should the frequency of FAC meetings be?
  • Would/should the Board play a part in FAC’s?
  • Should you have multiple FAC’s for specific channels? i.e. Marketing FAC, Sales FAC.
  • How do you manage a FAC?
  • What governance and measures need to be in place?

Obtain the confidence to build or enhance your franchise advisery council to develop an inclusive network culture

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