How to Monitor Franchisee Performance

How to Monitor Franchisee Performance

Date: September 20, 2023
QFP Points : 250
Cost : £365 +VAT

Workshop Outline 

  • Why it is important to maintain standards within the franchise network 
  • Skills needed to develop or enhance a robust framework for monitoring the
    performance of franchisees 
  • Understand the role of monitoring performance and what the consequences
    of not doing so might be for both the brand and business, the customers and
    the other franchisees of the brand 
  • Key areas to monitor to avoid such damage in the first place and how these

Why should you attend this course? 

Underperforming franchisees can damage the brand, drain support resource and erode the value of their own businesses. Identifying the symptoms and causes of underperformance at the earliest possible opportunity, and applying the correct intervention strategies and tactics, can preserve and grow a franchisee’s equity, as well as reduce risks to the franchisor and the rest of the network. 

Date: 20th September - How to Monitor Franchisee Performance – 250 QFP points  

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